Dimick talks BYU

His performance earned him recognition as one of the top defensive linemen at the Oregon Nike Football Training Camp on June 7 and at BYU's Junior Day a few days before that. Hunter Dimick has been making a name for himself now that he's discovered camps. It was his performance at BYU's Junior Day that earned him a Cougar scholarship offer.

He's big, quick and talented and has played many positions for the Titans of Syracuse High School in Syracuse, Utah, but at the next level Hunter Dimick will play defensive end.

"Defensive end is my primary position and I've played some offense at running back, but mainly tight end," Dimick said. "My strengths, if anything, are pass rush and that's where I like to be at."

At 6 feet 4 inches and 250 pounds, Dimick's combination of size and quickness is not only useful for getting off the line in a pass rush, but it's come in handy in goal line situations as well.

"I'm used in goal line situations just to get the big guy back there too," Dimick said with a laugh in his voice. "It's mostly to bring in more size to help in that situation."

As a defensive end, Dimick has racked up some impressive numbers. His quick-twitch muscle reflex and body strength allowed him to dominate some of the better offensive linemen in the state of Utah and in the West at the Badger Sports 7 vs. 7 Las Vegas Camp, and earned him an all-state selection last season.

"I had 52 solo tackles and 14 sacks," Dimick said. "I wish I could have gotten a little bit more. I also had 21 quarterback hurries. I bench 365 and can squat 415. My clean is 290. I run a 4.66 forty and a 4-4-1 pro agility."

It was at the Badger Sports 7 vs. 7 Camp where Dimick began to make his name known. Since then, his stock has soared. He credits one person for helping him to understand the process that has led to two scholarship offers, with more to come.

"BYU and San Diego State have offered me," Dimick said. "No one in my family has ever been recruited, so this process is new to me. I didn't know you were supposed to go to those camps and do things like that. This is the first year I've done any of that.

"Coach Peck from Bingham High School invited me to come down to the Badger 7 on 7 Camp in Las Vegas. That's kind of where I figured out that, hey, I need to come to a few more of these. I really appreciated Coach Peck helping me with that. He probably doesn't remember me or any of that, but I remember how much he helped me out with that."

Last week, Dimick was on BYU's campus for Junior Day. One of the highlights for Dimick was his performance during the one-on-one drills, where he proved to be one of the top defensive linemen at the camp. He also enjoyed the tour of BYU's top-notch facilities.

"One of the main things about BYU's Junior Day is that it is very well-ran," he said. "The coaches down there are all great guys and I've been recruited by them for a while now. I would have to say the highlight for me was the one-on-ones. I did pretty good and went undefeated in those, and then being able to tour the facilities and see those, that was incredible. The facilities are great and I like everything about BYU."

Dimick's performance at the Junior Day left an impression on the Cougar head coach.

"After the Junior Day, Coach Mendenhall pulled me into his office and said, 'Hey, I like the way you work,'" said Dimick. "I got the scholarship offer from him that day. He's the kind of guy who says what he means and means what he says. He's firmly set in what he believes and I respect that.

"I respect those that stand by what they believe and aren't wishy-washy with their words or what they say. I've been working my butt off for a long time, so when BYU offered me a scholarship I was very, very excited. To pull that one off makes me feel really good."

Right now BYU is one of Dimick's top schools because of the quality of the program and the coaches within the program.

"Well, obviously, when someone asks me, 'Where are you going to go to college?' and you say BYU, that's going to perk them up pretty well," Dimick said. "It's been a winning program – I know they've kind of hit a bump this past season – but seeing who else they've pulled in and in talking to Coach Mendenhall, they're definitely heading in the right direction."

While attending BYU's Junior Day, Dimick became good friends with top 2012 lineman recruit Brandon Fanaika, and 2013 offensive lineman commit Braydon Kearsley, who is projected to be one of the top linemen in the west.

Dimick said he "talked with them a lot during a lunch time we had out there at BYU's Junior Day. Brayden committed and that kind of sent me the notion. Like I said, I really liked everything about BYU, but just kind of want to let the process play out a little more."

With Kearsly projected to be an offensive tackle and Dimick a defensive end, the fierce competition between the two – being two of the best at the camp – formed a bond between them.

"We kind of became friends after the one-on-ones," Dimick said. "We just kind of talked about the whole program and how the whole Junior Day was going and the recruiting process. Heck, I was asking them all that they've done because I just kind of figured out the tricks of the trade earlier this year. We talked about life and where we were from. I really like him."

Dimick had glowing things to say about Kearsley.

"Well, Braydon, I thought, was the best offensive tackle that I ever went up against the whole day," Dimick said. "What is surprising is he's only a sophomore heading into his junior year, and that kind of gave me an extra surprise as well. He's got great feet and great everything. He was the guy that got the closest to beating me. We went up 10 times and he beat me five out of the ten times, but I felt I got lucky and beat him a couple times. I couldn't believe he still has two more years of high school ball to play."

BYU secondary coach Coach Howell has been the one recruiting Dimick. Howell's honesty, integrity and enthusiasm have endeared him to Dimick's heart.

"Coach Howell is the one that's recruiting me and since right after my sophomore year BYU has been recruiting me pretty hard," Dimick said. "He comes down to Syracuse quite a bit and I love him. He's an awesome guy, a very awesome guy."

Prior to coaching at BYU, Coach Howell worked in Utah's Division of Youth Corrections. Also working in this sector of Utah's human services was Richard Dimick, Hunter's father.

"I don't know if Coach Howell worked with my dad or under my dad at youth corrections center, but my dad used to work with him and knows him," said Dimick. "It was kind of a youth detention center. I don't know a lot about it, but he used to work with my dad.

"When you tell your dad, 'Hey, Coach Howell from BYU came by to see me today,' and he says, 'He's a great guy, I know him. I've worked with him at youth corrections and he's a really great guy,' [that] kind of backs everything up you already know.

"I've known that Coach Howell is a great guy just by how he's been recruiting me, and I've had the chance to get to know him a bit through that process, but my dad has confirmed that to me. Basically everything I've asked my dad about him, he's confirmed to me. I really like him. My dad also really likes him much like I do. It really helps out a lot to have that aspect."

Dimick's glowing remarks bode well for the Cougar coaching staff. Having a good, genuine relationship with the coaches is one of the primary factors in a program winning a recruit's services.

"Well, the first thing I want to have is a good relationship with the coaches," Dimick said. "I'm pretty much going to be around the coaches for the four or five years of college football, so I want to be around guys that I have a good relationship with.

Dimick also said he is looking at schools' facilities, and likes what he sees at BYU.

Although Dimick is a well-grounded young man, his head is always above the clouds. Well, sort of. He loves reading books about space and astronomy, so when it comes to choosing a college, he wants one with strong academics, specifically a strong astronomy department.

"I want to go into something like astronomy, and so I have to figure out what schools have good programs in that field," he said.

BYU built the Royden G. Derrick Planetarium, which was completed in March of 2005. It's located in the Eyring Center, where BYU students from the Department of Physics and Astronomy learn more about the wonders of the universe.

"BYU's coaches want me to come back and take a tour of the campus," said Dimick. "They said for me to give them a call and they would set me up with that department, so I'll be finding out more about BYU's astronomy department soon enough."

One of the most modern observatories in Utah is the BYU West Mountain Observatory, which is located one hour from BYU's campus. It sits atop a 6,850-foot mountain that is its namesake.

"I've always been fascinated by space, galaxies, nebulas and black holes and stuff like that. I was obviously pretty excited about that, knowing they've got something like that," Dimick said about the observatory. "It's right up my alley of what I want to learn about. I just think that would be one fun field to get into."

This fall, Dimick plans on heading down to BYU to attend some fall practices.

"With the offer I have from them now, I plan on checking out their practices this fall to see how they run things. I'm pretty excited about the BYU offer and love the coaches down there. I'll be checking things out more with them."

As for the location of the school he chooses, there's a bit of a conflict.

"When it comes to my parents, they'll obviously have a lot of influence on me," Dimick said with a laugh. "My mom says, 'Stay close to home,' while my dad says, 'Get the hell out of here.' What it will ultimately come down to is where I feel most comfortable at. Coach Kaufusi told me, 'What it ultimately comes down to is you're going to be the one waking up at 6:00 in the morning to go lift, so the choice is yours.' I'm just going to weigh the options and see what's best for me to get into."

BYU is close enough to Syracuse for Dimick to go see his mother now and then, but far enough away to be just out of his father's hair. Who knows, BYU just might be a match made in the stars.

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