Williams visiting Boise State

After an awe-inspiring trip to BYU, Jamaal Williams in now heading up to Idaho for a visit to the Broncos of Boise State. With five scholarship offers now on the table, the Summit High School star has his mind set on a standard and is checking to see if all others live up to it.

To say he was blown away by his visit to BYU would be an understatement, but that doesn't mean that running back Jamaal Williams is done testing the flavors of the ice cream shop to make sure he's not missing something.

Williams contacted Total Blue Sports while sitting at the airport waiting his next flight.

"I'm heading up to Boise State right now," Williams said. "I'm at the airport in Oakland with my mom and my teammate Dante Dion."

Busy with summer football preparations, Williams hasn't focused much time on investigating various college campuses to get a feel on what to expect. When he arrives up at Boise State, he has no idea what will be waiting for him.

"I just want it to be a surprise. I don't really know what to expect to be honest with you. I haven't really been able to check things out, because I've been really busy with doing stuff with high school football stuff and getting ready with passing leagues and lifting every day. I'm usually just really exhausted by the end of the day. I really haven had any time yet."

While on BSU's campus, Williams will be evaluating a number of different things.

"Yeah, I'm going to compare everything to BYU," Williams said. "I'm going to compare their academics, what their whole program is like, tradition, and how I would fit in and everything. I'm going to see who they've all recruited and check everything out. I'm just going to go up there with an open mind, but still have the standards that I want to compare it to."

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