Top All-Poly Camp prospect commits to BYU

Lone Peak High School star athlete Micah Hannemann attended BYU's camp on Tuesday. Following a one-day excursion, BYU coaches had seen enough and subsequently offered the 6-foot-1-inch, 185-pound quick-footed athlete, who committed and is projected to play either free safety or boundary cornerback at BYU.

At the All-Poly Camp, Micah Hannemann stood out among the rest. His combination of size, quick feet, hip swivel, hand-eye coordination and speed placed him head and shoulders above the rest. After attending BYU's summer camp for one day, Cougar coaches extended the Lone Peak star a full-ride scholarship offer.

"I went to their camp today as planned," Hannemann said. "After the camp they said, 'Hey, can you call your father and meet us down here in around 20 minutes?' I was working out as safety, and so after the camp I called my dad and we had a meeting with Bronco.

"We met with him for about an hour and he talked to me about what kind of school BYU is and the values that the school promotes. He then offered me a scholarship and I just committed to him right on the spot. BYU is the type of school where I want to be at. I'm supper excited!"

Hannemann had nothing but positive things to say about his future head coach.

"I really like Bronco Mendenhall because he's really firm when he needs to be, and then he's really cool and you can talk to him about anything at the same time. I just have a lot of respect for him and who he is as a coach and person."

Committing on the spot was an easy thing for Hannemann to do. You see, he's lived under the shadow of the blue and white and comes from a family of strong Latter-day Saints.

"Since I was little I've always gone to the BYU games and I've had some cousins that played at BYU," said Hannemann. "I just like the way they run their program. It's not about football first but faith first, and I'm a member of the LDS faith, and so the program fits me good."

Micah has an older brother, Jacob, who committed to BYU in the 2010 recruiting class. To know that he'll be able to one day play in the same program with his brother is exciting. However, it might be a few years before that happens, based on the fact that Micah is currently only 16 years old.

"It's going to be sweet!" said the younger Hannemann. "I go through my senior year of high school this year, and then after I graduate I'll go to BYU and greyshirt. I can lift with the team but I just can't practice or play with the team. After that fall season and after January, that spring semester I can sign for them and start my full-ride scholarship.

"Then I can go through that spring camp and play on the team. I'll probably redshirt that year because I'm still pretty young. I'll play two years before I serve my mission. I'll be leaving on my mission around six months late, but that's okay. I turn 17 in August, so I'm still pretty young."

A 6-foot-1-inch, 185-pound, prospect, Hannemann has a lot of potential and upside to his game.

"The coaches told me that I have good range, good speed and good athletic ability," Hannemann said. "They saw a lot of potential in me and said they can work with me at the free safety position and at the boundary corner position."

One of the things that Hannemann likes about BYU is its coaching staff.

"Coach Doman had been recruiting me the most and he had been down to my school the most. He really liked me, and their safety coach [Coach Howell] I actually met today. He decided to play me at safety just today. I guess I did some good things there.

"To me, a player is only as good as his coach. You can have all the athleticism in the world, but if you don't know how to use it, what good is it? BYU has great coaches that know how to get the most out of their players. I'm just glad they're the ones that are going to be working with me and I'm grateful for the chance to play at BYU. BYU is the best place for me."

BYU fans can also be excited about the fact that there are two more Hannemann boys coming up through the pipeline. Following Micah are younger brothers Seth and Ammon.

"Seth is going to be a sophomore and Ammon is only going to be in the seventh grade, but they're good little athletes though," said Hannemann. "I guess I have some BYU recruiting work to do with my younger brothers."

Time will tell, but it bodes well for BYU to already have older brothers Jacob and Micah in BYU blue. Welcome to the Band of Brothers Micah Hannemann.

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