Multitalented athlete receives Cougar offer

Every year a select few perform well enough at BYU's summer camp to be fortunate enough to earn a scholarship offer. Quarterback Tueni Lupeamanu happens to be one such player for the 2013 class.

Herriman High School quarterback Tueni Lupeamanu, who will soon start his junior year, has already been pegged by BYU's coaching staff as a football player they want.

"Tueni [Lupeamanu] is a great story in and of itself," Herriman's Coach Wilson said. "In youth football conference, he's kind of been the bigger kid. He was kind of that lineman or linebacker, because in youth conference you have to go by their weight.

"He's not quite 6'2" and comes in at around 6'1" and a half and at around 225 pounds. He's a 380-pound squat guy and a 250-pound bench guy. He also cleans 250 pounds and had really good explosion for just being a sophomore kid. He was voted a team captain this past year and he's a damn good leader."

Because Lupeamanu was always bigger than the rest for his age, the defensive line is where he was forced to play. When he entered high school football, Lupeamanu wanted to do something different.

"He wanted to give quarterback a try, and we have a great coaching staff and a great quarterbacks coach [Paul Putnam]," Coach Wilson said. "Our quarterbacks coach brought Tueni along to the point where he's definitely a legitimate quarterback right now."

Strong with a good set of wheels, Lupeamanu is a bull when he decides to tuck the ball and run. His physical prowess is also why his head coach thinks he's got a special player on defense as well.

"He's also a hell of a linebacker!" Coach Wilson said. "We just couldn't afford to play him there much last year, but this year we've build up more quarterback depth at the quarterback position that he'll play more linebacker for us. Last year we just couldn't afford to play him more at linebacker, but he's a great athlete and could actually play many different positions for us."

By the time the athletic Lupeamanu graduates from Herriman High School, he could be pegged to play many different positions at the next level.

"He's the type of kid that I think has a very good future at the next level, there's no question," Wilson said. "It's going to kind of depend upon what he grows into and where people see him. It's a nice problem in the fact he could be a multiple-position player for somebody. They'll just have to see where he fits within their scheme."

As for BYU, well, it appears there is sort of a battle between the offensive and defensive coaches for the opportunity to coach the Herriman star if he decides to commit to BYU.

"I think they like him at both sides of the ball," said Coach Wilson. "I was talking to Coach Doman and he likes him at quarterback. Then you talk to some of the other BYU guys and they really like him at linebacker. He's a young kid and could grow some more. You know, he could grow another two inches and be a possible tight end at the next level as well. He's got very good hands.

"So, I think he's a kid that could play one of three possible positions for us, so let's just keep recruiting him and see how he develops. I think the jury will be out by the time Tueni is a senior. I think he'll be a kid that will be recruited by different schools at different positions based on what kind of offense and defense they run."

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