Zwahlen much more confident this time around

Aaron Zwahlen attended last year's BYU camp as a relatively inexperienced 6-foot-1.5-inch quarterback prospect. This year, he's returned as a 6-foot-3-inch quarterback with quite a bit more confidence this time around. He's done well and has even forced BYU quarterback coach Brandon Doman to do some extra work.

Aaron Zwahlen is a 6-foot-3-inch quarterback prospect from Thomas Downey High School in Modesto, California. He entered BYU's camp this summer with a couple of more inches added to his frame and a lot more confidence.

"Everything is just coming to me easier than it did last year," said the 2013 prospect. "I'm feeling real confident about my game right now, and I'm very excited to be here to work out with Coach Doman. I loved it here at BYU."

His added stature has aided quite a bit with his development from one year to the next.

"Last year I was about 6-foot-1 and a half, and I'm just growing, and now I'm at 6'3"," he said. "My dad thinks I'm still growing and will get even taller. We'll just have to see, but the extra height obviously helps me play quarterback better."

Another thing that has aided in his development, other than having a full year of starting at quarterback at the varsity level, is the extra work he's put in.

"I've really worked hard with my teammates in the offseason," he said. "I've really worked together with my wide receivers, and that extra work has paid off."

Zwahlen has quite a few familial ties to the BYU football program. He has four brothers and a sister who attended BYU, as did both his mother and father. His cousin Adam Pulsipher signed with BYU this past February, and his other cousin Andrew Pulsipher is currently serving a mission and plans on returning to play for BYU upon completion of his two-year service.

"We're definitely a BYU family," said Zwahlen. "BYU is definitely my first choice of what school to go to and to play for. I love it here."

BYU isn't the only school to have shown him interest. He recently visited UCLA, Utah and SMU on camp visits and came away with positive impressions of each school. "I like both Utah and SMU a lot, but BYU is my first choice right now," he said.

His summer is wrapping up with this year's BYU camp. While there, he's been able to spend a lot of time with Doman, and he's been grateful for every second spent with him.

"I can feel myself get better with every drill we're doing out there and I've learned so much after just a few days," he said. "We've had the opportunity to play with some great players here while learning from great coaches."

One of those players he's been able to practice with is BYU commit Josh Weeks.

"Josh Weeks is obviously a great receiver," he said. "They took a few of the QBs aside and had us work out with the best receivers here at camp. Josh is obviously one of the best, if not the best, and others like Harrison [Handley] and some others, it's been great getting to work with them."

Recently, Zwahlen had the opportunity to become somewhat of the day's hero during one of the drills. Coach Doman challenged each quarterback to throw the football into a barrel from about 25 yards away.

The deal was that if none of them were able to land the ball into the barrel, they each had to do 40 pushups. If just one of them made it in, then Doman would have to do his own set of 40.

"I made it into the barrel," said Zwahlen. "That has really been the highlight of my camp so far. We were all happy about that, but I don't think Doman was quite as happy as we were because he obviously had to do the pushups."

Doman has also done a good job explaining to each of the quarterbacks there about what BYU is and how scholarships are granted.

"Obviously we're all interested in getting scholarship offers," said Zwahlen. "Coach Doman explained to each of us that BYU often over-signs with their classes because of so many of the players going on missions and all that. Hopefully I can get offered at BYU because I'd love to play there."

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