BYU receives 2013 commit from Leavitt

While in the sixth grade, two best friends hatched a plan to play college football at BYU. Four years later, that plan is coming to fruition, as both received scholarship offers and committed to BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall.

BYU's coaching staff has received their third commit for the 2013 class. The first was Aloha High School offensive lineman Brayden Kearsley, followed by Nevada linebacker Trajan Pili. Now, Kearsley's best friend Dallin Leavitt, who played for Westview High School last year but will transfer to Centeral Catholic High School, has now joined him in committing to BYU.

"They made me an offer after their camp this last week and I was there Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday," said the 5-foot-11-inch, 196-pound Leavitt. "I spent a week there at BYU with the coaches and at BYU at their camp. I sat down with Coach Mendenhall after the camp and that's when he offered me. I really love the coaches and I feel really comfortable with all of them. and so when they offered me I decided to commit."

It didn't take but two seconds for Leavitt to commit to Coach Mendenhall. After Leavitt told him he was ready, Coach Mendenhall gave the junior-to-be some advice.

"He told me, 'Don't commit until you're ready to tell everyone else that you're coming here and that you're ready to tell everyone else no,'" said Leavitt. "I just told him, 'I'm ready. I'm ready to commit now.' He said, 'A verbal commit to me is different than it is to everyone else across the nation.'

"He said, 'Legally you can get out of it whenever you want and there's no binding, but to me I'm putting this offer out there and it's official, so if you commit to me I'll commit to you.' For me, I feel like committing to BYU is not the same as it is across the nation. I'm going to BYU no matter what."

Coach Mendenhall's words come as a hedge to latecomers that might try and persuade the Portland, Oregon recruit by testing the commitment waters. It appears other colleges are beginning to show a lot of interest in him.

"Oregon, I went to their camp a week before, and they really liked me," said Leavitt. "They were recruiting me a little bit, but after the camp they said they were going to start recruiting me really hard. I was thinking I might get an offer from them by the end of this year.

"Other colleges that were starting to recruit me were Cal and the U of U. I went down to the U of U on June 4th for an unofficial visit they were having with a seven-on-seven tournament they were having down there. They said they really liked me. They said a lot of good things but didn't have an offer to give out at that time."

If Leavitt had received and offer from the University of Utah, it would not have stirred the same sentiments and quick reaction as the one he received from Coach Mendenhall and BYU.

"I didn't' feel that the U of U was the right place for me at all," Leavitt said. "They didn't have the same atmosphere that BYU had, and so to be honest with you I didn't think much about it. Honestly, I didn't really like it there at all."

With Leavitt running a self-reported 4.57 forty, BYU was recruiting him as an athlete that could a few different positions.

"They told me that I can play either safety or running back," Leavitt said. "I think about my career and longevity and I would rather play safety at the next level. I spoke to Coach Mendenhall about that and he said he was a defensive-minded guy and that he would rather have me play safety. Obviously, I could go in there and things could change, but for now I'm going in there to play free safety."

So what kind of a free safety can BYU fans expect see from Leavitt?

"I'm a ball hawk and I'm very physical," Leavitt said. "I'm not afraid of anything and I'll lay my body out for my team. I'm willing to do anything to win the game. I'm going to thrown my body out there and do all that I can to win the game for my team if I can."

Leavitt will join his best friend Brayden Kearsley in becoming a Cougar for the 2013 class.

"I've known that dude ever since we were in the fifth grade," Leavitt said. "Ever since then, we've just been super tight and we've played with each other in youth football for a little bit. His dad coaches at Aloha High School, so he decided to go there out of respect.

"I knew BYU was looking at him pretty hard and was pretty sure they were going to offer him. After I found out that he had committed to BYU I was like, 'Okay, now I have to step up and really get to BYU.' He's been my best friend and I've been really close with him for a long time now."

As youngsters, the two made plans to work hard and one day play football together at BYU.

"It's funny because we've always talked about going to BYU ever since we were in the sixth grade," Leavitt said. "We would talk about doing that and made plans. We were like, "Yeah, let's go to BYU and we can be roommates and all that.' It's crazy to think about how that all is going to happen."

When Kearsley received his BYU offer and committed, the first person he called was Leavitt. When Leavitt received his offer and then quickly committed, he returned a call to his best friend in kind.

"I was the first person he called right after he committed," Leavitt said. "I just went crazy and was like, 'Alright, I gotta get down there so I can make everything official.' When I went down there, that's when everything happened. After I got the offer and committed, I called Brayden up and told him that I committed.

"It's funny because I just talked to him a little while ago and we talked about how we made plans to do that, but how it was a long shot for it to become a reality. Then it happens for the both of us and it's just a great opportunity. We're both LDS kids and my dad played outside linebacker at BYU back in ‘90-91. We've just always wanted to play for BYU and talked about it for a long time. Now that's going to happen."

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