Williams commits to BYU

BYU received a commitment from Summit High School running back Jamaal Williams on Wednesday. Williams had offers from SDSU, Boise State and Utah, but decided to make a call to Coach Mendenhall to make an official commitment to BYU.

It started out as a normal day for Jamaal Williams. Well, at least he likely thought it was going to be that way. On Wednesday he mulled over a few things in regards to his future and then decided to make the day more than just a normal day.

"I just took all of my considerations in and just really thought about it," Williams said. "I just thought to myself, 'What do I really want to do? Do I want to go to BYU?' I just put everything into perspective and decided to commit to BYU today."

So, Williams decided to call up Coach Mendenhall on Wednesday and let him know that he wanted to be a Cougar.

"It just felt right," Williams said. "They said they had another camp and they were more than likely going to offer another running back. I didn't treat it as a threat but more like a caution. More like, 'Whoa, if I don't take this now it might be the worst day of my life.' I decided to call up Coach Mendenhall and make it official. It feels good that I've finally done that.

"Coach Mendenhall said he was really excited and that he was going to tell all the other coaches. I told him all the reasons why I wanted to commit. He was really happy about that."

News of her son's decision caught Jamaal's mother Nicole by surprise.

"When I told my mom that I was going to commit today, she was like, 'What are you talking about boy?' She was a little shocked because I kind of caught her off guard today. I called her up after weight lifting today and told her, 'Mom, I'm ready to commit to BYU.' She was a little shocked that I decided to do that today."

That's not to say that Nicole wasn't happy that her son was committing to BYU.

"She had a small role in my decision to commit to BYU," Williams said. "She had a little bit in why I did this. She told me to think it all over and gave some advice that I think really helped me. It feels good to be a Cougar."

Williams had visited two other campuses – Boise State and SDSU – in addition to BYU. He checked out their academics, facilities and campus life. When he thought it was all said and done, he then received another offer from Utah.

"Yeah, they offered me but I just didn't feel it," Williams said. "I really didn't take their offer into consideration. I just really didn't feel it as much as BYU. I just feel like I've made a great decision by going to BYU.

"I just really liked BYU's tradition and I really liked how it's like a big family," Williams continued. "It's a place where I feel like I can fit in and be the type of person I can be. It's a place where everybody cares about everybody, and that's why I like it the most."

Now that he's a Cougar, Williams wants to relay a message to BYU fans.

"I want to let all the BYU fans know around the country that Jamaal Williams is coming in and he's going to make a big impact," he said. "I'm just excited to be a BYU Cougar."

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