Addison Pulsipher tops BYU's 2013 d-end list

He wasn't on BYU's radar, but after attending a week-long BYU summer camp, he now is. Temecula Valley High School defensive end Addison Pulsipher, the younger brother of 2011 BYU middle linebacker commit Adam Pulsipher, performed so well that he was compared to former BYU players now in the NFL.

BYU fans remember fleet-footed 6-foot-3-inch, 240-pound Nike Camp MVP Adam Pulsipher, who signed with BYU as a member of the 2011 class. Now, his younger brother Addison is making a name for himself with the Cougar coaches, and it all started during BYU's summer camp.

"They saw me at the beginning of the week and they were impressed," said Addison Pulsipher. "They said throughout the week I continued to impress them a lot more. I kept going and kept getting better."

Following the camp, Pulsipher was invited by Coach Weber – who recruits the So Cal area – to meet with Coach Mendenhall in his office after the camp had ended.

"Coach Weber came up to me, pulled me aside and said, 'Hey, we want to talk to you in the office later.' I was like, 'Sweet!' I had been up there before when they were recruiting my brother Adam."

Pulsipher was accompanied during his visit with Coach Mendenhall.

"My dad was with me as we sat in his office," Pulsipher said. "Coach Mendenhall asked me how I liked camp, and I told him I liked it a lot and learned a lot. He asked me about the fireside he held that Monday of camp.

"This year, they said I'm kind of stepping up into the spotlight and not staying in the backseat. He also asked me, 'Do you believe you can mix football and religion?' That really showed me his mentality of football, how he combines the two and what a great place BYU is."

As for the aforementioned fireside, those in attendance got to hear from Iona Pritchard and former BYU defensive tackle Mosese Foketi.

"[Foketi] played for BYU about three years ago," said Pulsipher. "He talked about how he got suspended like eight times in two years while he was at BYU. After he left, he didn't talk to anyone at BYU, but after three years he returned to the Church.

"Coach Mendenhall asked me what I thought about that. I said, 'He just had to step back away from everything and see what he really wants in life and couldn't really realize it until he saw what he was missing.'"

The conversation with Mendenhall then turned back to football.

"[Mendenhall] told me that he really liked what he saw of me throughout the week," said Pulsipher. "He said, 'I called you up here to tell you that at the beginning of the week you weren't really on our radar. At the end of the week you became more up there. Today, you're the top on the board at d-end.'

"It was really nice and amazing to go from not really being really interested to being the top d-end prospect right now for the 2013 class. I just have to keep working hard."

With two years of high school football left to play, Pulsipher plans on working to improve. His goal is to reach his potential and receive a BYU scholarship.

"Yeah, I'm working out a lot and plan on getting bigger," he said. "I also play basketball for my high school team, which helps me with my footwork stuff. I'm only going to be a junior in high school next year, so I plan on getting bigger and stronger while working on my footwork. In football you have to have quick footwork."

Having watched the children of his assistant coach Steve Kaufusi grow up, Coach Mendenhall talked about how Addison Pulsipher reminded him of them.

"Bronco said about the kids from the Kaufusi family, he saw them grow up," Pulsipher said. "Then he said he saw me grow up and said, 'Oh, who's that? He's pretty big and I like what I see.' Right now I'm only 15 years old but I'm 6'5", 215 pounds. I play d-end and I play right tackle and I also long snap."

Coach Mendenhall then paid Pulsipher another rather flattering compliment, comparing him to some talented former Cougars currently in the NFL.

"Addison was compared to the body type of [Ryan] Denny, who played DE, and Brett Keisel of the Pittsburgh Steelers," said Addison's father Allen.

"Coach Mendenhall compared me to the player [Keisel] who played at BYU and plays for the Steelers now," said Pulsipher. "I'm only 15 years old right now, and so he said when they were recruiting him at that age, they said I have the same build and skill set."

In the end, Coach Mendenhall invited Pulsipher to return to Provo.

"Coach Mendenhall also invited me up to Junior Day in January," Pulsipher said. "It will be in the middle of basketball season, but that's okay."

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