Timpview receiver asked to walk on

For years Timpview High School has been home to many talented football prospects that have gone the Division I route. With basically no scholarships left to give, BYU has extended a walk-on offer to a local wide receiver in hopes he can later earn a scholarship.

When it came to the recruiting process, Ricky Shumway of Timpview High School took matters into his own hands and received some interest.

"Well after my junior season, I just sent my highlight film to a bunch of places just to see what kind of looks I can get," Shumway said. "I've been going to a bunch of camps over the summer and working hard trying to get colleges to look at me, and BYU is one of them."

BYU fans already know a Shumway of a different kind from Lone Peak in Talon Shumway. Surprisingly enough the two aren't related. However, Eric B. Shumway, who is well known among the islands of Tonga, happens to be Ricky Shumway's grandfather.

"I visited the main island of Tonga for three weeks," said Shumway. "I loved it there and stayed with my grandpa when he was the temple president there two years ago."

At 6 feet 2 inches and 175 pounds, Shumway had a decent season last year playing at the X and Y receiver positions for the Thunderbirds.

"I had around 600 yards on 44 catches and 12 touchdowns," said Shumway. "My quarterback, Christian Covey, really helped me a lot. I'm really good at getting past defensive backs and into my route. I like to think I can do a lot of stuff. I guess mainly I have pretty good hands and can get open. I'm also pretty quick."

As of now, Shumway has only received a scholarship offer from Weber State. BYU has asked him to walk on, but he wants to wait until the end of the season to weigh all of his options.

"That's definitely one of my main options," Shumway said about BYU. "I just want to wait till I have all my options, but BYU definitely sounds great to me.

"They haven't given me a scholarship but they have asked me to walk on. They said that if I come and walk on, they would want me on the team. I guess we'll see what happens, and I think that would be a great option."

Shumway's father currently works at BYU. With that being the case, his tuition would be cut in half, which would be a nice benefit if he chose to walk on at BYU.

"I think BYU is great and I've been to almost every home game, and I've always been a fan of BYU. If I can play there, that would be great."

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