Offense turns it up another notch

Not satisfied with Tuesday's offensive performance, Coach Doman and the offensive staff bucked the day's normal practice routine just a bit. The Cougar offensive itinerary changed prior to Wednesday's practice in an effort to advance the offense. The result was an offense that was virtually unstoppable.

The BYU defense is a deep, talented and very strong unit. In fact, the team that Coach Mendenhall is fielding now is going to surprise many this year. On Tuesday, the defense flexed its muscles and stunted the offense's performance.

But after the defense got the better part of the offense on Tuesday during the team's scrimmage – despite some offensive highlights – the offense came out with all cylinders firing hard on Wednesday. Like a two-headed hydra, the Cougars attacked the defense both on the ground and through the air with greater success than normal.

"Yesterday we didn't do as well as we should have," said sophomore receiver Cody Hoffman. "We came out with overall more intensity today because yesterday the defense beat us. We weren't happy about that, so we came out with the mentality that we were going to win. We were able to dominate today and do really well out there. It was fun."

On Tuesday the offense was a little off in its execution. The reason for the lack of synchronicity was due to some growing pains with some newly installed offensive plays and tweaks by Coach Doman.

"So yesterday after practice, the team went in and watched the practice," said Hoffman. "As a position group, we usually watch the film the following day, but because we felt that we didn't do as well as we should have we went in and watched the practice right after practice was done."

On Wednesday morning prior to practice, the offense met together and held its first walkthrough of fall camp.

"We put in a whole bunch of new plays in our offense for today," said Hoffman. "We watched film on those [plays] yesterday and then this morning we came out before today's practice and kind of walked through them just to get them down.

"I think the reason we did this today was because of how the defense beat us yesterday, and we're just not happy with that at all. We got it down today and it really showed by how well we played today in executing the little things within the plays."

The results from Wednesday speak for themselves. The offense came out clicking on all cylinders, and it quickly put the defense back on its heels.

"The offense was really good today and we were unstoppable," said Hoffman. "We just caught the defense off guard a bit with our offense making all the right blocks, the running backs were making the right cuts, the receivers were running precise routes and Jake [Heaps] was making all the throws – just like that touchdown to J.J. [Di Luigi] in the corner of the end zone, and the long catch that Dallin [Cutler] made downfield. You can't throw a better placed ball than those."

The walkthrough not only helped the players better understand the new plays and how to execute them, but it got the players fired up knowing what they had in store for an unsuspecting defense.

"I felt like that walkthrough really helped us a lot because yesterday we were really raw with the offensive plays," said Hoffman. "Today after we did a walkthrough, I felt like that really helped us a lot and really put us on our game today. The way our offense was going, our defense couldn't stop us. We were all fired up."

"It was a lot of fun and we did some things today that really mad it tough for our defense," said McKay Jacobson. "You know, anytime you can go out there and do some new things and have success doing it, it's always fun."

However, Hoffman doesn't expect the morning walkthrough to continue. Rather, it could be just a situational circumstance based on the previous offensive performance.

"It will probably be a previous performance thing," said Hoffman. "That was the first time we've done that, but I think the coaches probably liked that idea because of how fast we came out and how fired up we were, just wanting to beat the defense."

Having one's way with a very talented Coach Mendenhall defense doesn't happen very often, but when it does, the players celebrate together with chest bumps and running to the end zone to greet each other while whooping it up.

"When we have days like this, I get really pumped," Hoffman said. "I get really pumped because I know our defense is going to be a top-10 defense in the nation just because we return so many great players. We have a lot of great linemen, linebackers and defensive backs, so anytime we do good against this defense, it motivates us knowing how good this defense is."

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