Fall practice: day six

On Friday morning the Cougars had their first fall practice that was open to the public. Thousands of fans showed up at the outdoor practice field to get a glimpse of this year's team and show their support. Meanwhile, after wearing full pads for the first time on Thursday, the Cougars wore shells again on Friday.

"I appreciate the fans coming," said Coach Mendenhall. "It was nice to play in front of people. I think the players love to hear the interest and see the interest, both. I've always made the comment that [for] the offense it's a home game, for the defense it's an away game, and that's good preparation. But just that people care that much to come watch a half-padded practice on a Friday morning, it's pretty neat."


Jake Heaps went 3-of-5 during scrimmaging for 47 yards. He completed passes to McKay Jacobson, Bryan Kariya and Richard Wilson.

On the throw to Wilson, the tight end caught a 29-yard pass before being immediately hit by Jordan Johnson. Despite the big hit, Wilson held on to the ball to set up first-and-goal. Nevertheless, he stayed on the ground for a short while before being helped off the field by trainers.

Though he had been hit in the head, Wilson was said to be fine afterwards and didn't show any negative symptoms.

Joshua Quezada followed up Wilson's catch with a 2-yard touchdown run.

Riley Nelson completed his lone pass of the day, a 6-yard toss to Wilson.

Nelson and James Lark each had a rushing touchdown inside the blue zone.

Ezekiel Ansah, meanwhile, continued his impressive fall camp performance by recording yet another sack.

"He's in the two-deep as of right now," said Mendenhall. "He's getting better every day. For a guy that's only played one year of football, he's a pretty impressive guy."


- The most notable "fan" in attendance during the open practice was none other than Jimmer Fredette.

- Colby Jorgensen, whose shoulder had been dislocated two days ago, was no longer wearing a sling on Friday. He didn't practice, however.

- Players such as Brandon Ogletree and Jameson Frazier are said to be progressing as they recover from injuries, but the staff doesn't want their first live work back to be Saturday's full-length scrimmage, which Coach Mendenhall said would likely be the longest scrimmage of the fall.

- Justin Sorensen made several long field goals, the longest of which was about 60 yards.

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