BYU evaluating 2013 Florida prospects

The Cougar coaching staff had hauled in two commits from the 2012 recruiting class in Florida linebackers Bobby Wolford and Philip Amone. For the 2013 class, it appears there are two more Florida prospects – from West Orange High School – that are currently being evaluated.

One Florida prep player that caught Coach Howell's eye early is Winston Chastang.

"I'm going to be a junior this year," Chastang said. "Right now, I'm around 6'3", 225 pounds. Right now I bench press 315 and squat around 405. I play defensive end and tight end for West Orange, and I like to play like a finesse-type game. I like to go hard but beat you with my athleticism."

After seeing Chastang perform, Coach Howell began the evaluation process to see if he would be a viable fit for BYU's program.

"BYU has talked to my school principle and talked with both of my parents," Chastang said. "They talked a lot about me and are showing some interest.

"Right now I have a 3.0 GPA, but they told my parents that want to see me raise it just a little higher, so I'm going to try and work on raising that up," continued Chastang. "Right now it's mostly just BYU that's been showing interest in me. I was invited to come out to their summer camp but I wasn't able to. I had a family reunion in Colorado so I wasn't able to make it out there this year, so it was kind of bad timing and kind of sucked."

A sophomore varsity starter for West Orange last year, Chastang has heard nothing but good things about the Cougar campus and program.

"From what I know about BYU, it's a really nice place and the people are really nice," Chastang said. "I've never been to BYU but I've heard from other people that it's a really nice school. Being able to play at the next level would be a dream come true.

"I just need to raise my PGP a little more and spend more time in the weight room to show them that I'm all about business. I also need to head up there for a summer camp. I plan on freeing up my next summer so I can hit up the BYU camp and other schools that might be showing interest in me."

The other West Orange prospect that BYU is looking at is Nathaniel "Crazy Train" Ozdemir.

"BYU is a great school and I would be more than interested in playing for BYU," Ozdemir said. "I've got two more years left in high school and a lot of decisions to make, but BYU would definitely be a school that I'm more than interested in. It's a great school and great program and I like what they do there. BYU is a school that I would definitely like to be pursued by."

Ozdemir was also invited to come to Provo to attend the summer camp this year, but like Chastang, he wasn't able to make it due to a family reunion.

"I play linebacker and fullback," Ozdemir said. "I'm around 6'3", 226 pounds and play hardnosed. When I get the ball, I don't like to just run around but like to drive right through the middle. I try to be a meathead out there and just muscle through everybody. I love setting up big hits.

"They did give me a couple dive plays and I did catch some balls out of the backfield. I do love playing fullback, and don't really care if I get the ball or not, because I love hitting people and opening up holes."

A physical player who loves contact, Ozdemir also competes in another sport.

"I wrestle too and I'm a really good on the mat," he said. "I like to use my strength, my body and skills to beat people. I move well for my size and just love to hit people."

Ozdemir received some starting time on the varsity squad early on, and gradually emerged as a dominating force.

"I'm still learning a couple of the reads because this is my second time playing linebacker in high school," Ozdemir said. "I started on the varsity team as a freshman and I'm pretty solid at the linebacker position.

"I didn't start the whole year as a freshman but came on towards the end. Ever since then I've played on the varsity team in the spring and have been causing havoc from the defensive side ever since. Our coach has me pegged as the starter this year and I'm looking forward to it."

Apparently, Coach Howell liked what he saw in the two West Orange prospects.

"BYU came out to our spring game," Ozdemir said. "They had a coach that came out to check us out. We got word from them that they were looking at us and that we were real potential prospects for them. I got word that they liked me as a potential fullback and linebacker for them, and that they wanted me to come out to the summer camp so I could work out for them. I just wasn't able to make it."

Although Ozdemir – like Chastang – isn't LDS, he feels that BYU would be a great opportunity for him.

"I think it would be a great opportunity and would love to get some official things from them," said Ozdemir. "I would love to meet with some coaches and be able to talk to them when they can actually start recruiting us. I would love to go out to a camp out there to check things out. I think right now we're kind of in the evaluation stage with them right now."

Much like with the parents of Chastang, Coach Howell spoke with Ozdemir's parents.

"A BYU coach talked to my parents and told them that they want me to come out to their camp," Ozdemir said. "BYU talked to my parents during our spring game and just said they loved my body type. They said they loved my size and said I'm a very physical player, a big player.

"They said I was a player that caught their eye. That was pretty much all the information that I really got, but I think it's a huge thing and will definitely take advantage of that invite next summer. I love the idea of heading out there and my parents are happy about it too. They feel it would be a great opportunity for me, as do I."

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