Fall practice: day eleven

After Coach Mendenhall cancelled Thursday's practice so the team could go have some fun at the Provo Beach Resort, the Cougars got back at it on Friday. Evidently that time off was just what the doctor ordered, as Coach Mendenhall felt that his team was very sharp during Friday's practice.

Practicing indoors and without pads, the Cougars were more productive on Friday than they had been as of late.

"It was a great practice, really sharp," said Mendenhall. "The intensity is almost unmanageable right now, which is great."

Mendenhall said that because of how well the team is doing so far, they will start preparing for Ole Miss earlier than they normally would.

As for Thursday's day off, Mendenhall said that had a lot to do with how well his team practiced on Friday. After the players found out they would be going to the Provo Beach Resort instead of practicing, "it was mayhem for five minutes, at least," Mendenhall said.

"It was probably the loudest I've heard our team cheer in six years when I told them there's no practice, and then it went loud and sustained. I mean, I couldn't get them to be quiet. We had a great day, coaches too."


After struggling in fall camp lately, Jake Heaps was back to his old self on Friday. His accuracy was more like the accuracy he showed earlier on in fall camp, and he completed 6-of-7 passes for 100 yards and a touchdown.

On the touchdown throw, Heaps avoided a sack and scrambled out of the pocket while looking downfield. With defenders closing in on him, he found J.J. Di Luigi streaking downfield past the secondary and hit him for a 60-yard touchdown.

The defense, however, came up with plays of its own, including a number of sacks. Hebron Fangupo and Carter Mees combined for a sack, while James Frazier, Daniel Sorensen, Jordan Pendleton and Matt Peterson each recorder sacks of their own.

Riley Nelson completed 2-of-2 passes for 17 yards. Richard Wilson, Cody Hoffman, McKay Jacobson, J.D. Falslev and David Foote also recorded receptions.


- As was revealed on Thursday, Drew Phillips has left the team. Mendenhall said that Phillips, after struggling in his time at BYU in terms of team policy and consistency, was notified at the end of spring semester that his scholarship would not be renewed. He would, however, have a great chance to come back and pay his way for a year depending on how he did during summer classes. Then, depending on how that year went, he could get back on scholarship. However, that will not be happening, and Mendenhall declined to get into specifics as to why.

- Brandon Ogletree returned to practice and played with the ones. After being held out on Wednesday, Joe Sampson and Corby Eason returned as well.

- Jray Galea'i, Ezekiel Ansah and Aveni Leung-Wai all missed practice because of non-health issues that had to be taken care of. Mendenhall said they were held out for issues such as parking tickets or transcripts that need to be dealt with before the players will be allowed to return to practice.

- Mendenhall said that quite a few players will be held out of Saturday's scrimmage, and that there will be no live special teams work (meaning no tackling). The scrimmage, which won't be as long as last Saturday's, will be geared more towards the younger players.

- Kicker Justin Sorensen was injured in the weight room on Thursday when a piece of equipment fell on his head as he was lifting. Sorensen had to get about 17 total stitches on his lip and the top of his head. He still practiced on Friday, and was successful on all his attempts, but couldn't wear a helmet just yet.

- With the team having not practiced on Thursday, they held their Thursday's Heroes program on Friday.

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