Cougars 1-25

Brandon Gurney's annual ultimate reference guide for the entire Cougar football roster is here. Get insight into how each player is performing this fall camp session and what fans can expect from them this coming season.

#1 Jordan Pendleton 6-3, 238 LB Sr. - Pendleton looks fully recovered from his injuries and makes a stark difference to the overall defensive performance when he practices.

Pendleton should have a strong finish this season while manning one of the two starting outside linebacker spots. If he can stay healthy, he should lead what looks to be a very stingy Cougar linebacker corps.

#2 Spencer Hadley 6-1, 230 LB So. - Hadley has seen most of his reps with the second-team defense. He appears to be a lock to break the two-deep roster and should see a good amount of playing time, subbing for either Uona Kaveinga or Brandon Ogletree.

#2 Cody Hoffman 6-4, 208 WR So. - Hoffman has had a good and productive fall camp. He seems to make at least one play during team drill sessions and hasn't dropped many passes.

Hoffman had a bit of a breakout season last year and should vie for the lead in receiving yards and catches this coming season.

#3 James Lark 6-2, 200 QB Jr. - Lark has had his best performance this fall since he joined the program. He's given Riley Nelson serious competition for the backup spot.

Lark can make a lot of the throws that Nelson can't, and for that reason, he could very well appear as Jake Heaps' primary backup this year. He's been rotating second-team reps with Nelson here of late.

#3 Kyle Van Noy 6-3, 235 LB So. - One could very well argue that no one on the team has had a better fall camp than Van Noy. He's seen every rep with the first-team defense and has responded.

No one on the defense has made more plays than Van Noy this August, and he should be well on his way to a breakout here while starting at outside linebacker opposite of Pendleton.

#4 Uona Kaveinga 5-11, 236 LB Jr. - He's been very productive, and like Pendleton, the difference when he's in there practicing is readily noticeable. He's a leader on the defense and will start at Mike linebacker throughout the season.

#5 Iona Pritchard 6-0, 240 FB So. - Pritchard was one of the best stories of fall camp before sustaining what should be a season-ending injury during BYU's first scrimmage. Coaches had drawn comparisons with his play to that of Manase Tonga, and envisioned him playing a similar role.

#5 Joe Sampson 5-10, 213 DB Jr. - Sampson has seen a lot of reps with the first-team defense here of late playing at boundary corner. Brian Logan's cousin has been noted for his very physical play, which will serve him well at boundary.

He's legitimately vying for a starting spot and should be a lock to appear on the two-deep roster this season.

#5 Zac Stout 6-1, 229 LB So. - Stout had offseason surgery and has been unable to practice this fall. He'll sit out the entire season and redshirt.

#6 McKay Jacobson 5-11, 199 WR Sr. - Jacobson has had a very consistent showing this fall. He's been targeted a lot by Heaps and has always responded.

Jacobson should rebound nicely from his subpar outing last season. He still has the goods, and now that he's fully healthy, he could make a strong bid for being the team's leading receiver this season.

#7 Preston Hadley 6-0, 200 CB Jr. - Hadley is the odds-on favorite to start at boundary cornerback, although he's being pushed hard by Sampson. Since spring, he's shown to be a very reliable option for coaches.

#7 Alex Kuresa 5-11, 180 QB Fr. - As anticipated, Kuresa has seen limited reps so far. He did get team reps this last scrimmage and responded well in completing both of his passes.

Kuresa is almost for sure set to redshirt this year before leaving to serve a mission.

#9 Jake Heaps 6-1, 200 QB So. - Heaps was lights-out with his first week performance, and after a couple of subpar practice sessions the second week, he returned to form. He's been controlling the offense like a senior this August and should be due for a monster year.

He has shown a lot of confidence in interviews and carries himself as the team leader on the field. It hasn't been uncommon for Heaps to not miss a single pass during team drills during fall camp.

#9 Daniel Sorensen 6-2, 206 DB So. - Sorensen has continued with the great play he showed forth this past spring. He looks to be a lock to start at Kat safety this coming season.

#10 J.J. Di Luigi 5-9, 185 RB Sr. - Di Luigi has been productive in just about every practice session so far this fall. He's as reliable as they come and seems to have developed a good rapport with Heaps in the passing game.

Fans can readily anticipate Di Luigi putting up similar numbers to what he did a year ago, if not improve upon those numbers.

#11 Ross Apo 6-3, 206 WR Fr. - Apo has practiced as well as even the most blue-goggled fans were anticipating. When he's participating in team drills, he always makes an impact, and that impact usually comes deep downfield.

Apo should see a lot of playing time at wideout and has the potential to put up some big numbers this coming season.

#12 J.D. Falslev 5-8, 184 WR So. - Falslev has been doing his best Nate Miekle impression this fall while operating out of the slot position. He should be afforded a lot of playing time this coming season and is the odds-on favorite to return punts.

#12 Jason Munns 6-5, 250 QB So. - Munns has seen limited reps, but does look to be much improved from this past spring.

#13 Riley Nelson 6-0, 196 QB Jr. - Nelson didn't have the best start this fall, but has made up ground in hopes of securing his backup role. He is a gritty performer who could be used during short-yardage and blue zone situations this coming season.

#15 Carter Mees 6-0, 200 DB Jr. - Mees has had a very productive fall camp. He's seen a lot of reps with the first-team defense and looks to have surpassed Galea'i on the two-deep roster.

#16 Gavin Fowler 5-11, 190 DB Fr. - Fowler has seen some good work playing primarily at safety with the third-team defense.

#16 Terenn Houk 6-4, 204 WR Fr. - Houk looks as if he can play. He runs very good and precise routes, which compliments his size very well.

Due to a lot of depth at receiver, he'll probably redshirt, but certainly looks to have a good future here at BYU.

#17 Dalin Tollestrup 6-1, 182 WR Jr. - Tollestrup has seen some good reps with the twos and threes and adds good depth at receiver.

#18 Jray Galea'i 6-0, 196 DB So. - As mentioned, Mees appears to have surpassed Galea'i on the depth chart. He's been out too much this fall and has allowed Mees a window of opportunity to surpass him.

We'll see how it shakes out the coming two weeks before the start of the season, but don't be surprised if Mees secures his role as the second option at Kat safety.

#18 Richard Wilson 6-2, 232 TE So. - Wilson has performed like he needed to after missing spring practices. He's been able to make plays and has responded well when he's in there with the first-team offense.

It's unclear if he'll play much at this point, as he's battling currently with Devin Mahina for the third tight end spot while hoping to surpass Marcus Mathews and Austin Holt for a spot on the two-deep.

#19 Matt Marshall 5-10, 171 WR Sr. - Marshall has remained a steady option that will add depth at receiver.

#20 Chase Pendley 6-1, 204 DB So. - Pendley has seen good time playing at Kat safety with the twos and the threes on defense.

#20 Joshua Quezada 5-11, 202 RB So. - Quezada has been limited with his reps here of late, but looks to have recovered well from his sprained ankle. He should vie with Di Luigi for the most yards on the ground this season.

#21 DeQuan Everett 6-3, 205 CB Jr. - Everett has had a solid performance playing mostly at boundary corner with the second-team defense. He is a very physical option and will add good depth to the position this season.

#22 Adam Hine 6-1, 193 RB Fr. - Hine does not look like someone just a month removed from his mission service. He's seen a lot of good work and should be an exciting option at running back following this season.

#22 Manoa Pikula 6-1, 231 LB Fr. - Pikula has perhaps been the most impressive of all the true freshmen. Quality depth from the returning players at inside linebacker will be the only thing preventing him from a spot on the two-deep roster this season.

#23 Cody Raymond 5-9, 173 WR Fr. - Raymond has shown forth some good practices. He's caught some passes during team drills and could see himself on the two-deep in the coming seasons, but most likely not this season.

#23 Travis Uale 6-2, 199 DB Sr. - Uale has missed a lot of practice time with sore ribs. Mike Hague has pushed him for the starting safety spot, but head coach Bronco Mendenhall indicated following Saturday's scrimmage that Uale would very likely retain his starting role.

#24 Cameron Comer 6-0, 191 DB Fr. - Comer has recovered well from his injury that kept him out during the spring. He adds very good size and athleticism to the boundary corner spot and will add good depth to the position.

#25 Corby Eason 5-8, 176 CB Sr. - Eason has been the best and most consistent cover corner this fall. This probably isn't a surprise to most, as he's done very well since he joined the program.

Eason is the odds-on favorite to start at field corner, switching over from boundary after playing there a year ago.

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