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In the second installment of fall practice's ultimate reference guide, Brandon Gurney counts down the second fourth of the roster. It consists mainly of defensive backs and linebackers who hope to contribute to the team during the coming season.

#26 Robbie Buckner 5-10, 176 CB Jr. - Buckner is still battling for a spot at cornerback, but it appears that he may struggle to find himself on the two-deep roster. This is somewhat of a surprise, as he's been a very proven practice performer over the years.

Buckner not being able to firmly establish himself as a starter probably speaks much more to the overall depth and talent at corner than any lack of quality play by him.

#27 David Foote 5-11, 200 RB Jr. - Foote, as is the norm, has practiced very well and could see some game time late in games this coming year. He'll fill in behind the trio of J.J. Di Luigi, Bryan Kariya and Joshua Quezada.

#27 Teu Kautai 6-1, 212 DB Fr. - Kautai is most likely due for a redshirt year. He came back from his mission service and is now competing at the strong safety position.

#28 Kori Gaines 5-8, 162 DB Fr. - Gaines is set to rejoin the team this coming week as a walk-on player. He'll again compete with the scout team this year and looks to make some waves there in hopes of playing in 2012.

#28 Brian Smith 6-3, 179 K/P So. - Smith is adding good depth at the kicking and punting positions.

#29 Skye Povey 5-11, 184 DB So. - Povey has shown well when given the chance. Most of his reps have been taken at safety with the second-and third-team defensive units.

#29 Jordan Smith 6-4, 207 WR So. - Smith has been beset by injuries, which kept him from making much of a push this fall. He looks good during one-on-one drills during most practice sessions and definitely has a bright future at BYU.

#30 Ryan Folsom 5-10, 195 RB So. - Like Foote, Folsom is a noted practice grinder who will add good depth to the running back position.

#31 Aveni Leung-Wai 6-1, 227 LB Sr. - Leung-Wai has been able to put forth some very notable practice sessions. His teammates have expressed a lot of confidence in him, and he looks to finish out his stint at BYU on a high note.

#32 Ryan Carter 5-9, 192 RB Fr. - Carter has seen good work with the third-team offense playing at tailback.

#32 Mike Hague 5-10, 190 DB Jr. - Hague has seen a lot of valuable reps with the first-team defense with Uale sitting out quite a bit with bruised ribs. He's been pushing Uale since spring and should be afforded some reps during games as a result.

#33 Bryan Kariya 6-0, 217 RB Sr. - Kariya is as steady and as reliable as ever. Due to the team being thin at fullback, he may see more reps there than previously anticipated.

Last year should be a very good model for what fans can expect from him this year.

#34 Austen Jorgensen 6-2, 237 LB Jr. - Jorgensen provides a very good option on the two-deep for Coach Tidwell. He's cross-trained effectively at both the Mike and Buck positions and should be the first inside linebacker off of the bench during most games.

#35 Zed Mendenhall 5-11, 245 FB Jr. - Mendenhall is due to see a lot of reps again this year due to Iona Pritchard being shelved with an injury. He provides a punishing lead-blocking option for coaches and is trying to prove more consistent in all other areas in his game.

#36 Alani Fua 6-5, 206 LB Fr. - Fua has missed too much of fall camp in order to make as strong of an impact as he was hoping. He remains a very talented athlete with a ton of upside, but he's not likely to see many reps this season.

#37 Justin Sorensen 6-1, 232 K So. - Sorensen is born again after his spring practice struggles. He's regained all of his leg strength and has become increasingly more accurate with his kicks during every practice session.

#38 Seth Probert 6-3, 207 LB Fr. - Probert has had an impact during some practice sessions while playing at outside linebacker. He'll provide good depth this season and could break the two-deep during future seasons.

#39 Skyler Ridley 6-0, 182 WR So. - Ridley adds good depth to the wide receiver position.

#41 Austin Heder 6-1, 241 LB Fr. - Heder has made a good impact as a true freshman. He's been switched to fullback, as coaches look to find an ample replacement for Pritchard.

#42 Michael Alisa 6-1, 213 RB Fr. - Alisa is nipping at the heels of the three expected top running backs. He ended fall camp on a high note and looks to be a player that coaches can depend on during future seasons.

#43 Baker Pritchard 6-3, 277 DL Fr. - Baker Pritchard has performed well in practices, but should be afforded a redshirt due to a lot of depth at defensive end.

#44 Brandon Ogletree 5-11, 228 LB Jr. - Ogletree sat out with injuries for the first half of fall camp, but came back as his intense and consistent self. His defensive teammates love playing with him and he'll be tallying a lot of tackles from his Buck position all season long.

#45 Tyler Beck 6-1, 212 LB So. - Beck can't seem to stay healthy enough to make it through any practice session. It's unfortunate since he's someone who receives consistent accolades from coaches and his teammates regarding his play.

#46 Kevan Bills 6-3, 232 LB Fr. - Bills adds good depth to the outside linebacker position and should make an impact in the coming years.

#47 Ezekial Ansah 6-6, 270 LB Jr. - Ansah has gone a bit quiet after having two straight weeks in which he recorded whistle sacks during nearly every practice session. How he defends against the run and covers in space remains a big question mark, but he's proven effective in rushing the quarterback.

Summarily, fans can look for him on kick coverage and in third-and-long situations to rush the opposing quarterback.

#48 Jameson Frazier 6-2, 230 LB Sr. - Frazier missed a lot of time due to injury and is now playing behind Kyle Van Noy at outside linebacker. Frazier is a proven game performer who should see a lot of game time as a result.

#49 Jadon Wagner 6-4, 245 LB Sr. - Wagner started practicing just this week and looks to be a good option at a very deep and talented outside linebacker group. He provides a very physical presence that thrives in defending against the run.

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