Cougars 51-75

Brandon Gurney reviews the third fourth of the roster, giving insight into what fans can expect from this group of players. As usual, this part of the roster is heavy on the offensive and defensive linemen that have been vying for spots this fall.

#51 Lene LeSatele 6-1, 243 LB Fr. - The true freshman has had some good moments during practices. Due to the existing depth at linebacker, he'll most likely be afforded a redshirt with work on the scout team.

#53 Tanner Cox 6-3, 210 LB Fr. - Cox has seen some good reps with the second-team defense, making an impact during more than one practice session. He'll add good depth at inside linebacker for the coming season.

#54 Blair Tushaus 6-2, 280 OL Fr. - Tushaus has been a mainstay at the center position with the second-team offense. He's performed very well, but due to all the depth ahead of him, he'll have to wait his turn to start.

#54 Uani Unga 6-1, 219 LB Jr. - Unga did not participate with the team this fall. He wasn't going to play this year anyway due to transfer rules, but has shown well in the past when he's been able to perform.

#55 Eathyn Manumaleuna 6-2, 294 DL Jr. - Manumaleuna has seen every rep with the first-team defense playing at one of the end positions. He's been as consistent and reliable as ever and should be headed toward a very productive season.

#56 Famika Anae 6-6, 318 OL Fr. - Anae has seemingly recovered very well from his ACL injury and has seen most of the reps at left tackle with the twos on offense. He looks to have a very good future going forward.

\#56 Connell Hess 6-0, 224 LB Jr. - Hess, as is usual, has had some very solid practice outings. He'll add very good depth to the inside linebacker position this coming year.

#57 Moses Kaumatule 6-1, 254 DL Fr. - Kaumatule will have a great chance to improve his skills on the scout team this year while redshirting before his mission service.

#58 Justin Blackmore 6-1, 287 DL Fr. - Blackmore will likely be a mainstay on the scout team as he looks to make an impact during future seasons.

#59 Va'a Niumatalolo 6-1, 227 LB Fr. - The son of the Navy head football coach looks to perform well on the scout team this coming year.

#60 Terence Brown 6-4, 318 OL Sr. - Brown has locked down the starting center position and is readily noted by his teammates as one of the smartest guys on the team. He's also a load and has proven to be a punishing lead blocker and reliable in pass protection.

Brown looks to finish out his very successful stint at BYU on a high note and should have his best season as a Cougar going forward.

#62 Marco Thorson 6-3, 305 OL Sr. - ‘Moose' has performed very well this fall, competing for the starting left guard spot. Regardless of who is eventually named the starter, Moose will likely see plenty of play time, as Coach Weber looks to rotate his guards throughout the game.

#65 Ian Dulan 6-1, 270 DL Sr. - Dulan is almost certain to be afforded a redshirt year following his mission service. He's battled through injuries and should be a big option for coaches going forward.

#66 Manu Mulitalo 6-2, 340 OL Fr. - Mulitalo has seen some good work playing guard with the second-team offense. He'll add very good depth and future starting prospects to the offensive front.

#67 Quinn Lawlor 6-4, 278 OL Fr. - Lawlor looks to be a quality walk-on for the offensive front and adds very good depth to the position.

#68 Austin Nielsen 6-0, 277 OL Jr. - Nielsen will again provide very good prep work for the defense while playing on the scout team.

#70 Matt Reynolds 6-6, 305 OL Sr. - What more can I say about Reynolds that hasn't already been said? He's the best offensive lineman on the team and should finish out very strong with his decreased weight and improved health while starting at the left tackle spot.

#71 Walter Kahaiali'i 6-3, 325 OL Jr. - It speaks well to the overall depth and strength of the offensive line when a player like Kahaiali'i is only a backup. He's performed well and should be someone Weber uses during games, rotating in at the guard position.

#72 Ryker Mathews 6-6, 313 OL Fr. - Everything that has been said and is being said about Matt Reynolds will very likely be said about Mathews in the coming years. He's immensely talented, and too talented for coaches to assign a redshirt to despite the very good existing depth along the offensive front.

Mathews will primarily be used at guard this year, but his future should prove to be at tackle. With Reynolds moving on after this season, don't be surprised if Mathews assumes his role during his final three seasons.

#73 Solomone Kafu 6-4, 314 OL Fr. - Kafu switched over to the offensive side of the ball following his mission and will add good depth going forward.

#74 Brock Stringham 6-6, 287 OL Fr. - Stringham will need some time to recover from his mission service, but he's seen a lot of very good reps at right tackle with the second-team offense. He'll certainly vie for a starting role in the coming years.

#75 Braden Brown 6-6, 301 OL Jr. - Brown has done amazing work as an offensive lineman since switching over from his tight end position. He's settled in and has proven to be someone who can provide very good and consistent play from his starting right tackle spot.

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