Cougars 76-99

Brandon Gurney goes over the final fourth of the Cougar football roster. The roster, as a whole, looks to have more experience and returning contributors than in most years.

#76 Braden Hansen 6-6, 313 OL Jr. - Hansen has moved over from left guard to right guard and will be starting for his third straight year. He's known as being one of the nastier offensive linemen on the team and loves to talk.

#77 Michael Yeck 6-8, 286 OL Fr. - Yeck has put on a lot of good weight since signing out of high school at just 245 pounds. He'll be ticketed for scout team duty while redshirting, adding good future prospects at the tackle position.

#78 Houston Reynolds 6-2, 296 OL So. - Reynolds won the battle for the fifth offensive lineman and will start at left guard against Ole Miss. The youngest of the Reynolds brothers proved to be consistent and a punishing lead blocker throughout fall camp.

#79 Manaaki Vaitai 6-3, 307 OL So. - Vaitai will likely be on the scout team and add good depth to the offensive guard position.

#80 Marcus Mathews 6-4, 208 TE So. - Mathews had one of the better fall camps of anyone on the team. He'll be used primarily when the team goes with the spread formation.

#82 Kaneakua Friel 6-5, 244 TE So. - Friel is still recovering from mission rust, and will battle for a spot during future seasons at the crowded tight end position.

#83 Spencer Hafoka 6-0, 201 WR Sr. - Hafoka had a very quiet fall practice session. He was out there, but didn't see a lot of reps during team drills.

#84 Devin Mahina 6-6, 245 TE So. - Mahina will continue to battle for a spot at tight end, although Austin Holt, Marcus Mathews and Richard Wilson have surpassed him on the depth chart.

#85 Dallin Cutler 5-9, 170 WR So. - Cutler was a fall camp standout, rising from obscurity to one of the principle playmakers on offense during August. Subsequently, he could very well see himself getting game reps during games.

#86 Colby Jorgensen 6-7, 234 TE Fr. - Jorgensen looked good in drills, but had his first season cut short due to a shoulder separation. He'll redshirt and then leave for a mission.

#87 Rhen Brown 5-10, 178 WR Jr. - The same that was said of Cutler can be said of Brown. He brings some good speed to the wideout position, which coaches can use to stretch an opposing defense.

#88 Austin Holt 6-4, 247 TE So. - Holt had a great fall camp, rising above the other tight ends to grab the starting spot. Holt is a punishing blocker who runs very good and solid routes.

#89 Mathew Edwards 6-3, 214 TE Sr. - Edwards has taken to coaching. He's heavily involved with helping to coach up all the tight ends in the program, along with helping out with the offense in general.

#90 Matt Peterson 6-5, 249 DL So. - Peterson had some good practice moments and will add good depth at defensive end. He'll cut his teeth on the scout team this year.

#90 Stehly Reden 6-4, 254 TE Fr. - Reden switched over to tight end from defensive end midway during fall camp. He'll see scout team work and a likely redshirt before leaving for his mission.

#91 Hebron Fangupo 6-1, 331 DL Sr. - Fangupo was one of the standouts during fall camp. He has been played at defensive end and has received praise from his teammates while making an impact during most practice sessions.

#92 Graham Rowley 6-4, 280 DL So. - Rowley will start at defensive end, rotating with Fangupo, as he was a proven performer last season as a freshman. He improved upon his game this fall and looks to have a big 2011 season.

#93 Trevor Brown 6-5, 210 TE Fr. - Brown is the younger brother of Braden Brown and transferred over from Utah State.

#93 Simonte Vea 5-11, 270 DL Sr. - Vea was a surprise inclusion on the two-deep roster at defensive end. Coach Kaufusi has commented on his great effort and tenacity, labeling him as a "bulldog."

#94 Jordan Richardson 6-4, 270 DL Jr. - Richardson's health is still a bit of a concern entering the season. He did see some good reps, but was a surprise exclusion from the two-deep roster. We'll see what contributions he can make going forward.

#95 Mike Muehlmann 6-4, 253 DL So. - Muehlmann had a solid camp and will be used primarily during passing situations to rush the quarterback.

#96 Reed Hornung 6-2, 249 DS Jr. - I didn't notice a single thing about Hornung during fall camp, which means he's doing a great job in deep-snapping the football. Deep snapper is a position you never want to notice.

#97 Travis Tuiloma 6-2, 320 DL Fr. - Tuiloma had a very good fall camp and will rotate with Fuga at the nose tackle position.

#98 Romney Fuga 6-2, 321 DL Jr. - Fuga looks great, having recovered well from the cheap shot last season that gave him an ACL injury. He'll play at nose tackle, where the team looks to be much deeper than they were a season ago.

#99 Riley Stephenson 6-0, 196 K,P Jr. - Stephenson was more consistent with his punting during practices and will back up Sorensen as the place kicker.

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