Richland Bomber explodes on Pasco

In his first game of the season, BYU commit and the nation's top SPARQ linebacker Sawyer Powell made his presence felt against Pasco High School. Starring for the Richland High School Bombers from his linebacker position, Sawyer cleaned the competition with big hits and bruising tackles that left one Pasco player refusing to return to the field.

BYU commit Sawyer Powell of Richland High School in Washington lived up to his athletic ability in his season opener against Pasco.

"It was not a contest," said Sawyer's father Eric. "Sawyer had 13 tackles, half a sack and a touchdown."

The game was cut short because of a new mercy rule.

"The score at half was 44-3, and when the differential is over 40 they start a running clock," Sawyer said. "So the whole second half was on a running clock. We put in a bunch of second-string kids in the second half, which went by really fast."

Nevertheless, despite the shortened game, Powell made his presence felt to one Pasco running back in particular.

"Sawyer had one hit that the Herald [newspaper] staff called the hit of the game," said Eric. "Sawyer had a clean shot at the Pasco running back coming up the middle that sent the running back flying. The pop was so loud, the crowd was buzzing."

The explosive hit Powell laid on his opponent not only excited the crowd, but apparently intimidated the Pasco player.

"People kept coming up to me after the game and commenting on it," Sawyer said about the hit. "The Pasco kids told me that the running back didn't want to go back out on the field after that."

Not to be left out on the scoring side of the game, Powell also hauled in an 11-yard reception for a touchdown from the tight end position in what was a very successful first game of the 2011 season.

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