Weeks talks BYU offense, rivalry

The Cougars of BYU prepare to face the Utah Utes this week after a one-point loss to the Longhorns of Texas. Top Arizona wide receiver and 2012 BYU commit Josh Weeks has been watching the Cougars and gave his thoughts on Coach Doman's offense.

While BYU was heading down to Texas, Show Low wide receiver Josh Weeks was – as he did in his previous game – putting up big numbers.

"We played Round Valley and I don't know if you remember a running back out of St. Johns that played for U of A by the name of Marcus Bell," Weeks said. "He played for the Seahawks for a couple of year and is the head coach over there. They came to town and we beat up on them pretty good."

Weeks hauled in four catches for 117 yards, including a 66-yard touchdown, and ran the ball seven times for an additional 79 yards for a total of 196 yards from the line of scrimmage. Weeks scored two touchdowns in Show Low's 25-6 victory.

"It was a decent game," Weeks said. "I didn't feel like I reached my full potential that game but we got the win and that's most important."

Last Saturday, Texas played BYU's receivers in primarily a man-to-man coverage with some zone mixed in at various times. Weeks looks forward to the day when he'll only have one defender to worry about.

"I don't see a lot of man coverage here at Show Low," Weeks said. "Usually the corner is about five or six yards off with a linebacker shaded over and a safety shaded over in triple team coverage almost. I don't see a lot of single man coverage, but when I do I love it because I'm able to one-on-one with just the corner. I actually look forward to man-to-man coverage."

Weeks was able to watch the Cougars' game against the Longhorns.

"All around I thought it was a pretty decent game," Weeks said. "It was a tough loss there and it's too bad they couldn't pull it out there at the end, but for the most part I think the game showed promise that we're going to be able to play with the big dogs of college football down the road. If anything, the game showed a lot of promise and that BYU can play against big teams on the road."

Despite its struggles, Weeks saw a lot of positives in BYU's offense.

"I like a lot of the things Coach Doman did early," Weeks said. "I like how many different receivers got the ball [Heaps completed passes to 11 different players] and how many receivers were involved.

"I liked how they went downfield a few times, and that's a lot of my game and being able to go deep is one of my specialties. I like how he did that early with [Ross] Apo and Marcus Mathews early. Throwing the ball around early on and all over was something that really caught my eye."

While Weeks might have seen a positive with how many receivers were involved in the offense, the run game was virtually nonexistent.

"I know in the first half J.J. [Di Luigi] was running around all over the place and looking good," Weeks said. "I think they made some adjustments at halftime, but so did Texas and Texas is a good team with good coaches. Still, BYU was able to hang with them, but that's a great program that Texas has. I can't wait to be involved and go down to Austin and play against them one day."

After being up 13-3 with all the momentum one could ask for, the Cougars turned in a dismal second-half, recording 67 yards of total offense.

"The thing I was most disappointed with was in the first half BYU looked like they could do anything against Texas," Weeks said. "They were just walking all over Texas but had to settle for a couple of field goals. I thought if they could have scored, that would have changed a lot in the end, but in the first half BYU was owning them and I thought that was going to continue on.

"Texas made some great adjustments and the defense was out on the field a lot and then couldn't stop them. I mean, they were doing camera shots up at in the crowd at the Texas fans and they all couldn't believe what was happening to them.

"I was excited because of how big of a win that would have been. They'll have more big games and BYU will be able to bounce back from that game going forward, beginning this weekend with Utah. I'm excited for the chance to travel up there to Utah for that game. I'm pretty pumped up there for that one."

On BYU vs. Utah rivalry

While the Cougar nation still feels the sting from the close loss to Texas, the Cougars can bring emotional order back to the hearts of the fans with a victory over Utah. Weeks feels it will be a close game, but wouldn't mind it one bit if it resulted in a lopsided Cougar victory.

"It's a rivalry game, and like any rivalry game it's probably going to be a shootout," Weeks said. "I'm really looking forward to heading up there for the game, and we're going to leave here early and get up there for the game. I hope it's going to be a good game, but even if it wasn't and BYU was able to blow them out, I would be okay with that too. But rivalry games are always close, so I think it will be a good shootout like it is every year. I think BYU has what it takes to take them down this year. I don't think Utah can stand with us."

Weeks' three keys to Cougar victory

"My three keys to a BYU victory are: number one, we have to make sure we get the running game going early to stay balanced. We have to get the run game going to set up the passing game.

"Number two, I think the defense the second half has to continue to play big and get some key stops to get the offense the ball.

"Number three, everyone has to do their job and assignments and not get caught up in the hype of the game. They just have to go out there and play BYU football and the rest will take care of itself."

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