Chatman to write his own chapter

Over the past month, Coach Dave Rose has gotten multiple commitments. The latest to give his verbal to BYU's basketball program comes from strong BYU bloodlines. Jordan Chatman may follow in his father's footsteps to BYU, but he's coming to Provo, Utah with the intent of writing his own basketball chapter.

With offers from Washington State, Utah, Stanford, Oregon State, Boston College and BYU, Jordan Chatman ultimately chose BYU.

"I just decided to go to BYU because it was a place that was most comfortable for me," said the talented Washington native. "My dad [Jeff Chatman] played down there and I've been over there multiple times and have been able to develop great relationships with the BYU coaches. I love going down there and thought it would be great to play for the Cougars."

Over this past season, Chatman watched BYU and the Jimmer show take their game to new national prominence.

"It was really fun to watch," Chatman said. "Jimmer took that team the farthest they've gone in a while, so it was a lot of fun watching him do his thing. It was great to see BYU have a lot of success in the tournament and it was fun to watch."

Coming in at about 6 feet 4 inches and 195 pounds, Chatman has a good set of basketball tools that will provide Coach Rose with some options. He's a very good outside shooter and can handle the ball, so he could play either shooting guard or point guard.

"They told me that I'll play a little bit of both," Chatman said. "I'll play a little bit of point guard and then off the ball a little bit at the two guard, so I'll get more playing time that way and I'm really looking forward to it.

"I like to push the ball and play contact, but I think my strengths are my shooting. I can shoot the deep ball as well as play the run game. I'm pretty versatile and can shoot the ball from the outside or drive in there and get some dunks once in a while. I can pretty much do it all."

Chatman can pretty much do it all because he has a great mentor that once did it all. Father Jeff Chatman was a BYU fan-favorite back in the 1980s while playing with another BYU fan-favorite in Michael Smith.

"My dad always pushed me at a young age to always want to get better," said the younger Chatman. "He would always take me to go work out and it's always nice to talk with him during the recruiting process since he went through the same thing. It's just kind of fun to talk to him now that I'm getting ready for my college ball in a couple years, and, you know, he played it so he just talks to me a lot about it and what it was like."

While his father of BYU fame might have had a major influence in his personal basketball development, Chatman contends his Cougar father didn't push him one way or the other when it came to choosing a school.

"He really didn't have an influence," Chatman said. "He wanted me to pick what was best for me and was 100 percent in support of that. I had a lot of schools come after me but I just felt that BYU was the best fit for me."

Nevertheless, one has to think his father was very happy with his son's final decision to come to BYU. Chatman said that the one that had the most impact on his decision to come to BYU was Coach Rose.

"Oh he's a great guy," Chatman said about Rose. "He's fun to talk to and a great guy. There's just something about his persona when you talk to him. He's different and just a great guy. I specifically like what he runs out there at BYU and I feel I would be a great fit for that program out there at BYU."

Chatman will finish out his senior year at Union High School located in Vancouver, Washington. Following his senior year he'll sign his letter of intent and then leave for two years to serve an LDS mission before returning to BYU and playing in the West Coast Conference.

"For me it's going to be cool to play Portland," Chatman said. "I'll be able to come back home and play in front of my home town. It's also cool that BYU has that ESPN deal, so we'll be on national television more often and that will be cool."

As the BYU football prepares to face rival Utah, Chatman recalled stories from his Cougar father about the basketball rivalry between the two schools.

"He told me about some of the rivalries they had when he played for BYU back in the days," Chatman said. "He told me that Utah was a big rivalry and said he always had fun playing against Utah. He said they had some crazy fans and it was fun playing up there and [in] the crazy atmosphere."

While Chatman may be following in his father's footsteps, one thing is certain: he wants to come in, like his father, and continue the Chatman legacy at BYU, but he also wants to put his own unique stamp on the Cougar program.

"I just want to win," Chatman boldly stated. "I just want to help take BYU to a Final Four. I think that's my ultimate goal. I just want to come in and help us win and do whatever part I can do to reach those goals. I want to come in and leave my own mark on the program as best I can.

"I'm excited to come in there and play at BYU because the fans are the best at BYU. I've been to colleges all across the country and there is nothing like playing at the Marriott Center at BYU. You can go anywhere and say you play for BYU and people will know what exactly you're talking about BYU is. It's a unique situation and a fantastic college with some of the best fans. I'm just excited to get out there and do what I can to help BYU reach new heights."

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