Speedy receiver cozying up to BYU

He's rapidly making a name for himself within the state of Utah as a fast, big-play receiver. Bingham High School's Hayden Weichers has been lighting up defensive backfields all season long. BYU receiver coach Ben Cahoon first took notice of the speedster while watching Weichers run during BYU's summer camp.

"I just went down to BYU's camp this past summer and I guess I really impressed them," Hayden Weichers said. "During the seven-on-sevens, you can make a big play, and then the next thing you know, Coach Doman or Coach Cahoon comes right over and talks to you on the sidelines making jokes. I just like the atmosphere down there and the coaches are great."

This wasn't his first time at a BYU camp, however.

"I've gone down to BYU's football camps since I was eight years old," Weichers said. "Whenever I go down there, there is always a lot of competition and I really like competition. On and off the field I just feel like BYU is the place where I could really see myself playing at."

A 2013 prospect, Weichers calls Coach Cahoon often and the two have rapidly become good friends.

"Coach Cahoon and I try and talk at least once a week and talk football and about how the receivers are doing this year. We're starting to get really close since the past couple of weeks have gone by.

"Me and Coach Cahoon are pretty tight. We talk on the phone and there's never that awkward moment when you don't know what to say. When I call him up and say, ‘Hey coach!' and just have a nice 30-minute-to-an-hour conversation, at the end it's like, ‘Alright, I'll see you next week.'"

In fact, according to Weichers, Coach Cahoon is going to try and make out to watch him play against region rival Lone Peak on September 23.

"I called Coach Cahoon last week and he said they were going to see if they could come down to our game to watch us play," Weichers said. "I couldn't get back a hold of him and I plan on calling him this weekend. I'm pretty sure they're going to be coming to our Lone Peak game because BYU has a lot of recruits at Lone Peak they're looking at."

Apparently Weichers is often the topic of conversation during BYU coaching staff meetings.

"Coach Cahoon said in meetings that I'm the talk of the meeting sometimes," Weichers said. "When they have their recruit meetings, I'm always being talked about. I just need to keep having outstanding games so that continues."

Against Alta High School, Weichers came up big for Bingham High School. He caught four passes for 149 yards, including an 86-yard touchdown when the Miners were facing third-and-34.

"I need to have a couple more games like I did against Alta and West Jordan with those 100-yard games," Weichers said. "I think BYU might pull the trigger on me by the end of the season."

Currently at about 6 feet and 170 pounds, Weichers has torched defensive secondaries this season. The reason he's given defensive backs fits is his high level of speed, the same speed that caught the eye of Cahoon.

"I'm pretty agile and my forty time is a low 4.5," Weichers said. "I'm trying to get that down to a 4.4 so that a lot of colleges will go crazy over me."

Weichers contends his forty time is legitimate.

"That was from laser-timed," Weichers said. "My fastest shuttle time is a 3.86. When I'm running the 100 meters in track my eyes start to water like crazy. My fastest 100 meter time is 11.2."

His speed has caught the attention of other notable college programs as well.

"Stanford is looking at me and Vanderbilt is looking at me too," Weichers said. "I'm also getting a lot of letters from different schools. USC was over this summer asking me if I could go to their camps because they wanted to get a good look at me."

It was also reported that Weichers is receiving attention from Utah as well. Weichers didn't get a chance to see BYU's rivalry loss last weekend.

"I really didn't get a chance to watch it because I was at homecoming, but I did tape it and watched the game with my dad," Weichers said. "I'm a big Cougar fan and have been raised since I could see the light of day to be a Cougar fan, and, yeah, it was very disappointing.

"I had some high hopes for them and hoped that big and fast wide receivers corps would just dominate Utah's defensive backs. I was a little bit disappointed, but everyone has their down games."

BYU fans are also disappointed, and are still stinging from the loss. They have discussed many different reasons for the disappointing defeat. Weichers said the loss came down to mainly one issue.

"The main reason why they lost, BYU's offense just turned the ball over so many times and that's exactly what they didn't need to do," Weichers said. "I think if they didn't turn the ball over it would have been a totally different game. I think they would have won that game."

Despite BYU's poor offensive performance against rival Utah, Weichers holds fast to his affection for the Cougars.

"Oh yeah, BYU is still one of my top choices right now," he said. "The coaching staff, I love them to death in every way. They're all great guys and not the type of coaches that when you talk to them and then go out to see them at their camps, they're not the type of coaches that you can't go up and talk to. They're just different and I really like the atmosphere down there."

A member of the LDS faith, Weichers does plan on serving a mission.

"If I go to BYU it will depend on the roster situation," said Weichers. "I'll turn 18 in October and it just really depends. If I go down there for spring ball and see that I have a chance to start then, I'll probably play that next season and not go on a mission depending on how the season goes. If it looks like I'll be second or third string, then I'll redshirt and go straight out on my mission. Either way, I want to serve my mission."

Weichers' BYU keys to victory

While Weichers continues to catch passes for Bingham High School's football team, he'll continue to follow the progress of BYU. He feels in order for BYU to change things around this season, the team will need to do one important thing.

"I would say one is ball security at the moment," he said. "You know, against Ole Miss, BYU played good and they played hard. Against Texas they played good and hard but the turnovers killed them. Then against Utah it really killed them.

"All I have to say to my wide receiver boys up there at BYU is just hold on to the ball and we'll turn this season around and end up with a good record at the end of the season."

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