Arslanian still waiting for an answer

Having moved from Idaho to St. George, Utah, speedy wide receiver Jake Arslanian has had a BYU scholarship offer for some time now, but he's still waiting for a specific answer to come. If it were up to him, he would have committed to BYU on the spot long ago.

When the Arslanian family moved from Idaho to St. George earlier this year, Pine View High School received a very nice gift. That gift came in the form of a two-way all-conference Idaho player by the name of Jake Arslanian.

"It's a unique situation for me," Arslanian said. "About 12 years ago, my grandfather coached here and actually mentored now head coach Ray Hosner, who has a lot of the same philosophies that my grandfather does. There's a lot of history here and it's a great environment to be in."

Since moving to southern Utah, the Cougar wide receiver recruit has seen success as well as some difficulties.

"Personally, it's the best season I've ever had," Arslanian said. "It's definitely been a great change in that aspect. Since being here, I've been told this has been one of the worst seasons that Pine View has ever had in recent years. It's sort of a unique situation. I've also been told that this is one of the more talented teams that Coach Hosner has ever coached and we're 0-3 in league and 2-4 overall."

Despite the team's close losses, Arslanian has been ripping up the stat sheets. In six games, he has caught 34 passes for 639 yards (18.79 yards per catch) and seven touchdowns.

"Well like I said, it's been the best season I've ever personally had," Arslanian said. "Up until last week I've scored in every game at least twice, averaging two touchdowns a game. Up until last game I averaged … over 100 yards a game.

"Over the past three seasons up in Idaho, that hasn't been the story. I would just have one or two games a season with 100 yards, but not every single game. It's been a lot of fun to help the team and get the ball to try and make something happen."

Arslanian is currently fourth in the state of Utah in receiving touchdowns. He's behind Timpview's Ricky Shumway – who has been offered a preferred walk-on at BYU – as well as Devin Wauneka of Monument Valley and Orem's Cole Payne, who is leading the state with 12.

"As of right now things are going great!" Arslanian said. "I've been in contact with BYU's wide receivers coach, Coach Cahoon. We've been talking on a regular basis and as far as I know we're on the same page. At this point we're waiting on an answer and I know that can be pretty difficult on him waiting on me. It's just one of those situations where at this point it's out of my hands."

It's not that Arslanian doesn't want to commit to BYU. Instead, he's still waiting for a personal answer through inspiration.

"If it were up to me, I would have committed a long time ago," Arslanian said. "I probably would have committed on the spot because it's just one those situations, but I'm just trying to get the right answer and I don't feel that I've been given that answer. I feel I've been told to just wait, and so that's what I'm going to do."

As Arslanian waits for the right answer, he continues to follow the Cougars. And despite some rather large hiccups in the season, BYU is still one of his top schools.

"Well if it's any consolation, after the Utah game I still felt BYU was in serious contention to be the school I wanted to go to," Arslanian said.

Stanford is another college that is currently recruiting him.

"Well, at this point I'm going through the admission process at Stanford," Arslanian said. "We'll see what they have to say and if I get accepted or not. If I do, then I was told to expect a scholarship from them, but like I said it's just one of those situations that's very unique because you have to go through the academic portions before you can even be looked at to attend Stanford. I might not even be accepted, so they could be coming in to the picture but they could also be out of the picture very quickly."

If Arslanian does get accepted by Stanford, the process of choosing whether or not to play for the Cardinals won't be any different than his approach to BYU.

"Well, a decision between BYU and Stanford is one where you can't really mess up," Arslanian said. "It's a decision where you can't really go wrong. Both of these guys academically are very, very elite as well as athletically, so that's why it really isn't up to me and I'm leaving it up to the man upstairs. I guess we'll see."

In the meantime, Arslanian is waiting patiently for his answer to come.

"I just want to be sure I make the right decision based on where I need to be," he said. "I also don't want any colleges that are recruiting me to think that I don't want to go there or that I'm dragging my feet thinking there will be something better to come along, because that's not the case.

"I'm not too worried about me being distracted my senior year or anything like that. It's more I don't want to upset anybody that's waiting for me to get an answer, and I believe I've communicated that to everyone involved. Coach Cahoon has been very supportive and the entire BYU staff has as well. I don't think they would want it any other way."

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