Louisiana linebacker wants BYU experience

The defensive style of play and the message of BYU have resonated in the ears of one athlete from the 2013 recruiting class living in Louisiana. Now his hope is that one day soon when he checks his mailbox, he'll see a letter from BYU inside.

DeQuincy Narcisse currently plays linebacker for St. Martinville High School in Louisiana, the same high school that Early Doucet of the Arizona Cardinals once played at. At 6 feet and 190 pounds, however, Narcisse is a little light to play linebacker at the next level.

"Well, I play middle linebacker but I can play outside linebacker," Narcisse said. "I'm a very physical player and I play aggressive and hard every snap. I really love the game of football and go hard every play because it's something I want to do in the future.

"Well, I'm kind of a finesse player but I'm physical and can stop the run. As a linebacker I can cover the field in the defensive backfield, you know. I think I'm one of those kind of guys that can excel wherever I can. I'm around 6'0", 190 and would play strong safety at the next level. I think I could be that guy that could step up and put a team over the edge."

Narcisse first became endeared to BYU after seeing Coach Mendenhall's defense play on national television against Texas.

"Well, a couple of weeks ago I had the chance to see BYU play against Texas on ESPN," Narcisse said. "Ever since Texas I've been watching them play, and the first thing I liked about BYU is their style of defensive play. They could have had that game against Texas.

"It is a very hardnosed, tough defense that gets to the ball. I thought to myself that I would be a great fit there because they're well coached and a disciplined team that plays physical. With their defensive style, I think I would be a good fit there."

From that first introduction on that day, Narcisse then began inquiring about this private university with a "Y" on the side of its football team's helmets. As Narcisse searched further, he discovered that this university was a religious institution, and being a religious young man himself, his attraction to BYU grew even more.

"I'm just really interested in their program," Narcisse said. "At first I knew they had a good football team, but then I found out how religious they were. Once I found out how religious they were, that's what really put me over the edge and really drew me in to this university called BYU. I think that's what really attracts me.

"A lot of universities don't talk about God, but once you put God in your life you become more than just a football player and more than just an athlete. You become the ultimate human being and it lifts you above the average, and with God all things are possible and that's where a place like BYU would really help me. I think a place like BYU would help me with my relationship with God become stronger than what it is right now. My relationship with God is strong, but I think BYU would help me make it stronger."

There are other reasons as well that Narcisse feels BYU would be a great fit for him.

"BYU is a college I could see myself playing at in the future," he said. "I've learned they have an honor code over there and are a religious school and I'm a religious young man and I put God first in everything I do. Also, academics are a big part of what they do there and you need that in life in order to be successful and a good example and help people in the community from the knowledge you gain in the classroom. I just think BYU has those things and think I would be a great fit there."

In the meantime, Narcisse hopes his play on the field and his character off it will somehow speak loud enough for him to be heard all the way out in Provo, Utah.

"I'm expecting they will," Narcisse said. "I really want them to because I want them to know of the interest I have in the school. I'm studying really hard in school to get to that 3.3 that BYU wants. I think I'm that kind of guy that could help BYU and put them over the edge. I feel I'm a leader on and off the field for my teammates, and BYU is one of my top two places where I want to go.

"In the meantime, I just have to keep making plays and get them my highlight film. I have to keep making plays on the field and living right off the field. I know someone will notice, but I'm hoping that it's BYU."

The other college in Narcisse's top two is Miami. However, with all the issues swirling in the Hurricane wind, Narcisse is beginning to look elsewhere to round out his top two.

"[Miami has] got a lot trouble going on down there that's not attracting me to them as much," Narcisse said. "I think all that stuff that's going on doesn't sit too well with me, so I'm kind of dropping off on them and leaning more towards Georgia and LSU as another top two. I just don't want to be involved in all that stuff that's going on down there in Miami, and when was the last time you ever heard of a BYU player receiving improper [benefits or] sanctions?"

Currently, St. Martinville is 4-1 and much of that has to do with Narcisse's play on the field. He wants to continue making plays on the field for a chance to personally tell BYU's coaches what he feels about himself, their college football program and BYU.

"I would tell them straight up, I put God first, then my family and my school work and then football," Narcisse said. "I'm really interested in BYU, you know what I mean? I'm the kind of guy that understands that when you're better in the classroom, you're better in the football field. I give it a 110 percent in both of them.

"I would tell the coaches there that I'm a great player, but I know that academics are where it's at and that's just how it is. You have to have a backup plan because football isn't everything, and what if you get injured? An average athlete is a player who can put on that uniform and play football, but a great athlete is someone who can take care of the books at the same time."

Narcisse has the desire to one day follow in the footsteps of his high school alum Early Doucet to the NFL, but he hopes to get there by first playing for Coach Mendenhall and the Cougars of BYU.

"That's what makes a player like me so great, because I think I have that mindset to be whatever I can become," Narcisse said. "I'm hoping to receive a letter from them. I would just love to receive a letter from the coaches of BYU in my mailbox. Right now my goal is to make it in to the NFL and I think I can make it there, but I would like to get there by having a chance to go to a college like BYU."

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