Heaps once recruited by Coach Riley

As BYU heads on over to Oregon State, quarterback Jake Heaps more than likely will not take the field as the starting Cougar quarterback, but he hopes to be able to take the field to say hello to a coach that once recruited him.

It's tough going from being the top high school quarterback in the country to becoming the starter as a true freshman early in the season, only to be pulled later on as a sophomore. With the ever-positive Jake Heaps, the situation may be tough, but it's one that he's willing to deal with.

"From these kinds of experiences, all you can do is take the situation that you're given and find the positive in it and find where you grow from it," Heaps said. "You know, when adversity hits you it can only make you better or worse, and that's a personal decision, so I'm definitely planning on making this a positive experience for me and learn from it as best I can. That's really all you can do in this situation, and you can't really worry about all that other stuff and worry about what led up to the decision and all that stuff. You just have to look at the moment now and go with it."

However, just because he might not start against Oregon State, that doesn't mean he isn't preparing as if he will be. Heaps has a very good understanding on what to expect from the OSU defense.

"They haven't changed a lot and they have the same defensive coordinator for a while now," Heaps said. "They're very physical in the run game and play the run really well. You can tell that's their main focus is to stop the run game, so teams have been able to pass on them very well.

"They play a lot of cover-four and a lot of man-to-man and man-blitz, so they mix some things up here and there but they're very traditional in what their defensive coordinator likes to run," Heaps said. "They just stick to it and expect their players to out-execute everybody else no matter what he calls, so they do a good job and they fly around."

Oregon State head coach Mike Riley recruited Heaps when he was in high school.

"I loved Oregon State," Heaps said. "You know, Coach Riley and their offensive coordinator and just the whole environment down there at Oregon State are really fun. They have great coaches and I really respect them a ton. They really reminded me a lot of the coaches here in how personable they are and how they care about the individual.

"You know, Coach Riley is a stand-up guy and I'm really excited to go down there at Oregon State to see him and talk to him and just see how things are going with him. It's fun to go into the Northwest where I'm from and see some family and friends that will come down to the game. It's a cool opportunity and I've watched Oregon State since I was a kid and this is fun."

Having turned Coach Riley down by saying yes to Coach Mendenhall, Heaps has no problem with talking to the OSU head coach. While Heaps might not start at Reser Stadium, he's hoping for the chance to greet Riley one more time.

"At the end of the day I'm not the first guy they've lost a recruiting battle [over] and nor will I be the last, so it's one of those things where you develop close relationships with people during the recruiting process. It's fun to see old faces and catch up and see how things are going, and it will be fun to have a chance to do that with him. I don't know if I will, but that would be cool."

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