Shaw likes how BYU does it right

Last weekend, Coach Rose picked up a class of 2013 basketball commit out of Idaho. Braiden Shaw might have grown up a BYU fan, but it was what he saw during the recruiting process that solidified his endearment to the Cougar program.

A second-team all-state selection in the state of Idaho, Braiden Shaw averaged nearly a double-double performance last year as a sophomore.

"My sophomore year I averaged 11 points, eight rebounds and three blocked shots I think," said the 6-foot-8-inch, 190-pound Shaw.

As a junior this year, he hopes to do even better than last year in order to reach some big goals.

"Hopefully we can win state," Shaw said. "We have a good team this year. I think this is the year to do it for Eagle High School and we've never won state in the history of our high school. It would be awesome to do that for the first time. It's always been a dream to be the Gatorade Player of the Year as the best player in the state of Idaho. Also being first-team all-state would be fun as well.

Regardless if Shaw reaches his high school goals or not, he's already accepted a BYU basketball scholarship.

"I committed there, one, because BYU has always been the school of my dream," Shaw said. "My dad played J.V. ball there, my mom went there, and my grandpa was the assistant dean in the athletic department there. I've always kind of grown up with BYU always being the school that I've wanted to go to. I really like their basketball program. It's an up-tempo style of play and I love the coaches."

Shaw thinks he will be a good fit for Rose's program.

"I love the fast game and love running up and down the court," he said. "Growing up, that's kind of how I loved to play. Being 6'8" out of Idaho, I've kind of been pinned down at the five position, but I don't play like a five. That's why Coach Rose wants me to play the four position, is so that I can take it down low, use some post moves, but then also take it out and stretch some of those players out and use my quickness."

At 6-8, Shaw was told by Coach Rose that the staff would like him to play the four position.

Shaw said Coach Rose would also like him to play at the three, though his main position will be the four.

Although Shaw has two more high school basketball seasons left to play, he's received a lot of attention from various college programs from around the country.

"The main schools were the University of Utah, Utah State had already offered, Washington State, CSU, and I was getting letters and calls from Weber State, Alaska, St. Mary's, Yale, Columbia, New York," Shaw said. "It was from just a whole bunch of places."

During the recruiting process, Shaw grew to appreciate BYU even more.

"I love what BYU stands for and I love what BYU basketball stands for," Shaw said. "I want to play for a team that has the same standards that I do."

Shaw also likes BYU because of Coach Rose, and not just because of Rose's likable personality or his kind, approachable demeanor. It's because Shaw saw firsthand how Coach Rose handled the recruiting process.

"It was the way that he conducted himself throughout the recruiting process," Shaw said. "There are so many recruiting rules out there, and it was nice to be recruited by a college that followed every single rule. With BYU's standards, it was nice to see the program follow every single rule like that."

Shaw experienced firsthand how some colleges bent the recruiting rules a bit in order to try and gain the upper hand.

"Yes, there were [programs that didn't keep the rules]," Shaw said. "But to save them from the press I'm going to keep them nameless. There were little rules that I knew they weren't following. It was nothing huge that colleges would get suspended for, but just little rules here and there.

"BYU followed the recruiting rules with exactness. I really appreciated that and it made me appreciate the program even more with how they did things the right way."

Doing things the right way brings to mind the situation with Brandon Davies' suspension last year as BYU was exploding onto the national scene.

"Yeah, BYU really is a unique place when it comes to setting the standard," Shaw said. "The whole thing with Brandon Davies last year I really think summed up BYU a lot. Under all that pressure it would have been easy to crack, let him play and not release it to the press given the circumstances, but BYU stood by its standards. It just shows that they're not in it just for basketball. There's more to life than basketball and they're willing to follow the rules."

Aside from respecting Rose's integrity, Shaw does see the Cougar head coach as a likable guy as well.

"He has an up-paced game and he is so nice," said Shaw. "I love talking to the guy, and I like all the coaches in the way they showed me around campus and recruited me. It was fun being around great men like them. They have an amazing program worth spotlighting."

With two more years of high school basketball left to play, and mission plans after his graduation, BYU fans won't see Shaw on the court at the Marriott Center until 2015.

"I'll be serving a full-time LDS mission coming out of high school probably around August or September," said Shaw. "Then I'll be gone for two years and will come back and play for BYU in 2015. I've still got two years of high school basketball left to play, then two years on a mission. When I return, it's going to be fun."

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