"Feeling a little invincible right now"

Having won four straight games, including last Saturday's game against Oregon State, the Cougars are on a roll. Now, the Cougars look to continue that momentum as they host the Bengals of Idaho State this Saturday.

Sophomore receiver Cody Hoffman had a very successful outing on the road against Oregon State's secondary, and if there was one game in which he wanted to showcase his talents, it was that one. That's because Oregon State's staff recruited him but passed on him, never offering him a scholarship.

"Yeah, it was a great experience," Hoffman said about last Saturday's game. "In high school I went there to watch a game because they recruited me when I was in high school so I wasn't really opposed to the whole Oregon State thing. It's a great place to play and a great atmosphere."

Hoffman hauled in nine receptions for 162 yards and one touchdown against the Beavers. His longest catch went for 46 yards, while he also had 40 yards on kick returns, totaling 205 all-purpose yards.

"Yeah, I wanted to make a statement to them," Hoffman said. "They were looking at me a little bit and I wanted to show them what they missed out on."

In the Cougars' game against Utah State, Hoffman caught four passes for 68 yards and a touchdown, while returning kicks for 90 yards. Against UCF, he had 153 all-purpose yards. So far on the season, Hoffman has four games with more than 100 all-purpose yards, and there are five more games left to play in the regular season.

"Then again, I want to make a statement to everybody for not taking a look at me in high school," Hoffman said. "I come in with a chip on my shoulder to prove to everyone that I can play."

With a personal goal of becoming an All-American at BYU, Hoffman will accomplish that if he keeps up this pace.

"Things have been going good for me so far," said Hoffman. "I've had some good games but I've also made some mistakes. Against Oregon State my performance wasn't the best I could do. I missed some blocks and dropped a pass. I just have to fix those things and come out and do better next time."

With Hoffman having been a big reason why BYU racked up nearly 500 yards of total offense against the Beaver defense, all is forgiven.

In order to further progress within the passing game, the receivers have had to adjust to Riley Nelson's style of play once he took over quarterback duties.

"We're definitely working on timing," Hoffman said. "We'll run the route and then look back and he's scrambling, so we have to learn to adjust to that. With Riley running and scrambling, we have to hold our blocks longer downfield and be more physical, but it's also that way now because our running backs are making big runs downfield now too. We definitely have to focus and adjust more downfield so our running backs can have bigger runs."

Next up on the Cougars' schedule is Idaho State, a program that doesn't strike much fear in anyone or poses quite the same level of competition as Oregon State.

"They're a great team and we know it," Hoffman said. "We can't overlook them or they'll sneak up on us if we take them too lightly. We have to keep our minds right because we know we're injured right now and vulnerable and working on getting people back for TCU."

It's not like a team to look ahead, but as Hoffman stated, it does appear that getting the team back to full strength for the Horned Frogs is on the back of their minds, if only just a little bit.

"I think there's always a little bit of that, but we are focused on Idaho State," said Hoffman. "They're the team we're playing this week and so we can't overlook them."

So first things first, and before Hoffman can torch the TCU secondary, he has to first go through the Bengal secondary, which has allowed 13.2 yards per catch this season. Against Oregon State, Hoffman averaged more than 18 yards per catch, and he'll be looking to make this week's contest his fifth 100-plus-yard game on the season.

"We're coming in strong and we're on a roll, so we can't overlook anyone," Hoffman said. "We are coming off of 500 yards of total offense after last week's game against Oregon State, so we're feeling a little invincible right now."

Cougars awards

Both Nelson and Hoffman earned awards for their performance last week against Oregon State. Nelson was selected as the Independent Offensive Player of the Week, while Hoffman was selected was a College Football Performance Awards receiver honorable mention. Brandon Ogletree earned Independent Defensive Player of the Week and a CFPA linebacker honorable mention for his performance on defense.

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