Hine running towards full potential

Redshirting after serving in the Panama, Panama City Mission, Adam Hine is now shaking the missionary rust off his legs in the hopes he can become an asset to the Cougar offense in the near future. Still young and learning the offense, Hine is steadily progressing within the running back position, and his future looks bright.

It's tough for an athlete to instantly play at a high level after taking two years off to serve a mission, where the focus is about teaching rather than running, cutting or being physical on the football field. Adam Hine is now learning how hard that adjustment truly is.

"When I first came back it was hard because I wasn't too confident mentally or physically, but with a little bit of time, and with the morning workouts, getting reps with the scout team has really helped me build my confidence back up," Hine said. "Playing against our starting defense, because they're really good, has made me have to step it up quickly. It's been fun."

Young but full of potential, Hine is learning how to be a football player once again, and that means developing both the physical and mental side of the game.

"I would say my progression is building each week," Hine said. "I'm gaining more and more confidence as the weeks go by, as well as my mental strength. It's taking some time but I think once I get comfortable playing the position and physically get to where I know I can be, then the mental side and the confidence will be there."

"Adam Hine just needs a lot of volume," Coach Doman said. "He just needs more time to mold and grow within the position and within the offense."

Rated by Scout as the No. 25 running back in the nation for the 2009 recruiting class, as well as the top running back and seventh overall recruit in the Northwest Top 100, Hine hopes he can one day live up to that projection. He has a lot of work to do to reach his potential, but feels the tools are still there and just need some sharpening.

"I feel that I still have that potential, but right now I don't have it because I need to work towards that," Hine said. "If I keep working hard enough, then the potential that I know I have will eventually get there. I'm working hard to get there in all aspects. It's a lot to work out but I'm getting there."

So what qualities does Hine bring to the field?

"Well, I'm a shifty running back that can break tackles," Hine said. "I have a lot of speed at times, but we'll see what happens in the future. I'm still trying to see where I'm at and hope to be a great asset to the team in the future being able to run the ball instinctively and quickly. I want to be a power back that can also put some moves on people."

"He's brand new but he's fast and he's big," Coach Doman said. "He's still probably a year a way of being a really good football player for us, but I feel that once he's reached the potential we know he has, he's going to be a very good football player."

An athlete whose high jump record of 7 feet 2 inches is the best in Utah high school history – and an attribute almost never heard of in a Cougar football recruit – Hine is working on regaining his athleticism.

"I feel like I'm running my brain faster than my legs," Hine said with a laugh. "It's like I'm telling my legs to move but they're not moving. I'm still shaking off the missionary dust from my legs a little here. It's going to take some time to get back to that shape but I'm progressing every day. I can't wait to get my legs back."

Although the mission field might have physically set him back a little, Hine been getting his feet wet on the scout team offense.

"I love playing on the scout team and it's a lot of fun," Hine said. "It's also really good for me because I get a lot of reps going against our first-team defense. It's been a lot of fun and a very good learning experience for me as I get myself back into football shape. I like practicing on Mondays because we get to go really hard against our first-team defense and that's a lot of fun."

Being able to block and catch the football out of the backfield is something a BYU running back has to do successfully in order to see significant time.

"Well, I'm excited for that because that was something I didn't do a lot of in high school," Hine said. "I did a lot of running mostly and played some quarterback. I'm excited to get my blocking down within the passing game and also catch the ball out of the backfield as a running back. That's something you have to be able to do here in order to be a successful running back. I'm excited about it."

Hine had a lot of praise for Cougar running back coach Joe DuPaix.

"Oh, he's awesome," Hine said. "He's always there every step of the way and he's really positive. He's just there to help, so any time I need him he's there pushing me. He's always pushing me to be better because he sees the potential in me probably more than I see it. With a little more practice, I'll get back to where I was and even exceed that to be a great asset to the team."

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