BYU showing interest in Wisconsin hoopster

Coach Rose and his staff are showing interest in a two-sport athlete (basketball and football) out of Homestead High School in Wisconsin. This recruit has received interest from coaches from all over the country in both sports.

Homestead High School's Luke Worthington first came onto the scene after attending some tournaments.

"Ever since these AAU Tournaments, where you obviously perform in front of a bunch of coaches, I've been in contact with a bunch of coaches," Worthington said. "I've been in contact with BYU and obviously they're a great program, and I've shown some interest in them. We've had some good conversations during the recruiting periods."

Not only has the 2013 recruit shown interest in BYU, but BYU has shown interest in him.

"Well, before those tournaments that I was talking about, one of BYU's assistant coaches Mark Pope and another BYU coach told me that I was on their priority list," said Worthington. "They were saying there is a list of guys they were heavily recruiting from all over the country and I was one of them on the list. They said they felt that I met their standards and that over the summer they were going to be watching me."

Thanks goodness for Coach Rose, Worthington grew up a BYU fan, and cheering for the Cougars has been a part of his family's fabric for quite some time.

"Both of my parents went to BYU and my dad grew up in the area of Orem," Worthington said. "My mom grew up somewhere else but they met there at BYU, so I have some connections at BYU through family and, obviously, I still have some family back there.

"My brother went to Utah Valley and part of the reason he made that decision was because there are family out there. I've been on BYU's campus and had been to one of their basketball camps, and so I've always been pretty connected to BYU and have always followed their football and basketball teams throughout the years."

Though he lives in Wisconsin, Worthington follows BYU as much as he can.

"I think I've kind of inherited an interest through my dad," Worthington said. "Whenever there is a BYU game on TV we'll watch it, so I've always been a pretty big fan of BYU through just watching them on TV."

Worthington has yet to receive a Cougar scholarship offer. However, he is very hopeful.

"I'd definitely be excited about receiving a scholarship from BYU," Worthington said. "I think for me when the right school comes around and I see the right situation, I would be willing to commit pretty early. I think if BYU were to offer me a scholarship I would definitely look at my other options early, then follow through."

A 6-foot-8-inch, 235-pound junior, Worthington doesn't just play basketball. He also plays football for Homestead, a gridiron powerhouse. Being an aggressive offensive tackle, Worthington has also received some interest from some college football programs.

"Coach Mendenhall hasn't spoken to me about football but I have received a lot of interest because Homestead is a very successful program statewide," Worthington said. "A few years ago we were ranked in the top 15 nationally, and so we've had some serious recognition in football and have had some great athletes come out of here.

"We've had kids go off to Wisconsin, Michigan State, Northwestern and Stanford, so these pretty high-level schools have come in and taken a look at me. Unfortunately for my high school coach, I'm pursuing basketball first as my first priority. I know that probably drives him nuts because he's a football coach and wants the best football experience for me opposed to any other sport, but he still brings schools in to talk to me no matter what I say.

"Last year I was a left tackle because we had a 280-pound senior at right tackle because we have a left-handed quarterback, which puts your left tackle on the right side. I moved from left tackle my sophomore year to right tackle this year, and so our quarterback is a senior, so I'll have to move back to left tackle next year when he's gone."

Being a football player in the trenches, it's no wonder why Worthington is a physical player on the basketball court.

"At the college level I'm definitely a power forward," Worthington said. "I'm really aggressive and a powerful player in the post and have played against some of the top prospects in the nation at some of these tournaments. As I go to match up against some of these kids, not a lot of them match up against my physicality.

"There's obviously a lot of skill that a lot of these players have, but I've been told that I have a heavy motor and that's kind of my thing. I like to run the floor but obviously have to work on some things. I need to expand on my jump shot and ball-handling a little more, but with the mindset that I have, I've been focusing on developing and expanding my game to go with my size and power that I have to become a very effective player."

Worthington averaged 14 points and nine rebounds a game as a sophomore, and has been playing on the varsity basketball team since his freshman year. He has also been successful on the football field

"I was recognized my sophomore year in both football and basketball as an all-conference player," Worthington said. "I actually made a recruiting trip to some schools out on the east coast. I went to the Boston College elite camp, and that night we headed over to Harvard to talk to those coaches on a two-day trip because that's when hurricane Irene was coming in. After that we headed over to Pennsylvania because Lehigh and Bucknell had been recruiting me, and so while we were on the east coast we decided to take a visit."

Worthington is a member of the LDS faith and plans on serving a mission. It's just another reason why he likes BYU so much.

"BYU has a way of handling the mission issue really well if someone decides to go," said Worthington. "If I go to BYU I think I would serve a mission. I think BYU is one of my top schools because there are three things that I have just in my own mind, and they are good academics, good athletics and a good environment where guys on the team and the coaching staff enjoy each other. I've played on the court with college guys that you could tell things weren't right and unorganized, and it just wasn't a good environment."

Total Blue Sports will continue to report any developments between Worthington and Brigham Young University.

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