Game day report: BYU 42, Idaho 7

The Cougar offense saw three different quarterbacks take the field, but the story of the day was Riley Nelson going down with a rib injury during the first quarter. Backup quarterback Jake Heaps came in and continued right where Nelson left off. Overall, the Cougars turned in a very good night's worth of production, which was expected.

Quarterbacks: A

The offense saw three different quarterbacks take center stage, and although Riley Nelson went down early in the contest, it was good to see Jake Heaps come in and continue with the offensive production. Third-string quarterback James Lark went 2-of-6 for 21 yards. Overall, it was a very good showing for the Cougar quarterbacks on the night.

Running backs: B+

The running backs chewed up yardage on the ground, and it was Michael Alisa that got the ball rolling with a 38-yard run up the middle that reached pay dirt. Bryan Karyia and J.J. Di Luigi also turned in a good performance on the night, both in the power and finesse game.

Wide receivers: A

Cody Hoffman once again shined, scoring two touchdowns. Hoffman dominated not only in long routes but in crossing and intermediate routes as well. Ross Apo got into the action and also scored a touchdown.

Tight ends: A-

Flexed out at the y-position, Marcus Mathews turned in a very good game for the Cougar offense downfield, catching passes and and forcing the Idaho safeties to take notice. From the attached tight end position, Austin Holt turned in a very good game blocking for the running backs. Overall, the tight ends did very well against Idaho.

Offensive line: B+

The offensive line didn't turn in a consistently high-powered performance, but they did open up holes for the running backs and didn't give up a single sack. Overall, the offensive line did well, as expected, as BYU finished the game with 505 total yards of offense. Alisa rushed for 99 yards on 10 carries, and much of that was due to the blocking of the offensive line.

Offensive MVP goes to: Cody Hoffman

Hoffman continues to grow and impress. He's becoming more and more comfortable within the offense with every game. Hoffman's dominance on the field, and production with his six catches for 114 yards and two touchdowns, earned him the offensive MVP of the game.

Defensive line: A-

The defensive line played a very good game within their responsibilities, and that disposition continued despite the fact that many received the opportunity to play in the game. They flowed very well to the ball and helped bottle up the Idaho runners.

Linebackers: A

The Cougar linebackers dominated both against the run and against the pass, keeping Idaho's offense in check throughout the game. It was a very good performance turned in by the Cougar linebackers, as they pressured, sacked, intercepted, made tackles for losses and bottled Idaho's offense to a total of 63 yards in the first half.

Safeties: B

The safeties turned in a decent game, not allowing any Vandal receivers to beat them deep and also helping in run support. Overall it was a solid night for the secondary.

Cornerbacks: A

The cornerbacks just might have turned in one of their best performances of the season. The Cougars shut down, for the most part, the Idaho receivers.

Defensive MVP goes to: Kyle Van Noy

Van Noy was all over the field, as his 10 tackles and one sack prove.

Special teams: B

There were a few mistakes made and some missed field goals, but with that being said, the special teams did a much better job this week than against TCU and Idaho State.

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