Leuta-Douyere adds to his position resume

Jherremya Leuta-Douyere flew under the radar during his junior season due to a leg injury, but BYU coaches evaluated him and offered him a scholarship anyway. He soon committed with close friend and fellow teammate Butch Pau'u. Playing multiple positions for a successful Servite team – one of the top teams in the country – Leuta-Douyere is proving his worth.

Throughout his Servite High School career, BYU linebacker commit Jherremya Leuta-Douyere has played fullback and outside linebacker for one of California's top programs. Now he's added a new position to his resume: offensive guard.

"It's a different position but you just have to quickly get used to it," he said. "When they moved me to guard, it really helped me learn more about blocking, and having been a fullback, that really helped. My team utilizes me a lot for pulling and things like that. It's like playing fullback all over again. This is some tough competition out here."

Most offensive guards are about 6 feet 4 inches and 280 pounds, but Leuta-Douyere is only 6 feet 2 inches and 235 pounds. Injuries have led to him taking on the new position.

"The thing is I'm able to get off the line quickly and use my strength. It's been different and a lot of hitting, but it feels good when you pancake someone or open up holes for the other running backs. I don't know the total number of pancake blocks I have, but I usually get around four or five a game. We run a quick game, so I think that's helps me and is a lot of fun."

Although he comes in on the offensive line when needed, over the past couple of games Leuta-Douyere has mostly been playing on the defensive side of the ball. However, it hasn't been at the linebacker position that BYU has recruited him at.

"I've been mostly playing defensive end," he said. "It's been going good but I've been getting a lot of double-teams. The plays I can make, I make them, but they usually don't run the ball to my side of the field, so it's tough."

Despite mostly being double-teamed, Leuta-Douyere has had a lot of success playing in a tough Southern California league.

"I have around 14 or 15 sacks, so I've been doing pretty well," he said. "It is tough going both ways too and it would be nice to get a break here and there, but I'm fine. I rarely come off the field."

As if all that weren't enough, Leuta-Douyere even plays on special teams.

"I play on the kick return team and play on the second line before the kick returners, but sometimes they kick the ball to me."

Servite High School is currently making a postseason push.

"We're doing really well," said Leuta-Douyere. "We've only lost one game and that was earlier in the season to Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas. Right now we're in the CIF playoffs and in the second round. Hopefully we'll go all the way and play for the state championship."

He's also been keeping track of his favorite college football team when he can.

"Yeah, I catch BYU games here and there on ESPN," Leuta-Douyere said. "They've been doing really well and every game I watch is a blowout."

When his senior season is over, Leuta-Douyere plans on taking an official trip to BYU.

"I'm excited to get out there and will take my official recruiting trip sometime in January with my parents so they can see what BYU is about," said Leuta-Douyere. "It's going to be a great experience and I'm excited about it. A lot of kids go out on their recruiting trips and say it's a lot of fun, so I'm excited to see what a real trip is actually going to be like."

Cougar fans better hope that no accidents occur while he's taking part in any activities during his trip, especially if the recruits head out on any infamous snowmobile excursions. In the past, a few recruits had a few mishaps while riding the snowmobiles.

"I haven't heard about that," he said with a laugh in his voice. "I've never been in the snow before. Hopefully I won't get hurt."

Until that time when he and his parents visit the campus, Leuta-Douyere continues to keep in touch with the coach responsible for recruiting him to BYU.

"The one that I mostly keep in touch with in Coach Kaufusi and he's doing a great job," said Leuta-Douyere. "We talk every now and then and he's just a great guy. I'm excited to get out there when it's all said and done, and I'm excited to head up there in January for my trip on the 14th."

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