Chris Warner still waiting for BYU call

Contrary to published reports, Nevada recruit <b>Chris Warner</b> has not been offered a football scholarship from BYU.

UPDATE: At 7:16 a.m. Pacific time today (Thursday), Warner still had not heard from BYU and was heading out the door to school.

Several published reports Wednesday and today said he had received a BYU scholarship offer for after his LDS mission.

"I wish that were true, but it's not," father Richard Warner told TBS tonight.

"I already talked to coach Dalton (McQueen High School head coach) and we don't know how that information got out because it's not true."

He said "local TV stations and the newspapers here in Reno have been calling to talk to us or Chris. It's a big deal here because of UNR (University of Nevada Reno) and I hope it has not hurt Chris' chances with either of those two schools.

"Chris is not too happy right now and I wouldn't complain if it were true. Until BYU calls, there's nothing to report."

Warner said his son simply told his high school coach his thoughts and feelings from his recruiting trip to BYU and never mentioned anything about receiving an offer from the Cougars.

"Chris has made it clear he wants to go to BYU, but he wants to go there on a scholarship. Everything still stands where it was on Monday when you (TBS) last spoke with him."

The senior Warner said no UNR coaches had called today about the erroneous published reports. UNR has been aggressively recruiting the three-sport standout and, according to Chris, UNR coaches told him he is their #1 recruiting priority.

The younger Warner told TBS "the UNR coaches have been so good to me."

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