BYU looking at Texas defensive tackle

The Cougar coaches already have one junior college defensive tackle in their sights with Mt. San Antonio's Junior Salt. Now, the staff is taking a look at another one, but this time one from Blinn Junior College in Texas. This new defensive tackle recruit has been in contact with BYU coaches, and likes the idea of BYU taking interest.

At 6 feet 4 inches and 285 pounds, Ken Smith brings some size and athleticism to Blinn Junior College's defensive line.

"I play defensive tackle and could play the end in a 3-4 defensive scheme," said Smith. "I don't necessarily play nose guard, but play more the three technique. My style of play is I play more like an athletic defensive tackle. I run a 4.9 forty and I'm pretty quick.

"I like to pass rush and I'm pretty good against the run too, but I'm more of a speed guy and like to use my hands a lot. I have around 22 tackles and a sack playing in this league. I also had a fumble recovery for a touchdown."

As of now, Smith has three offers on the table, with other colleges showing interest.

"I have some offers from Marshall, Ohio, Buffalo, and I'm currently talking to BYU," Smith said. "Also, [Louisiana Tech] is talking to me too on a regular basis. I think they're really close to pulling the triggers. I'm still waiting on a couple other programs to pull the trigger."

Cougar coaches spoke to Smith recently about what makes BYU unique.

"When I spoke to BYU, they talked to me about their school because they're a college that's much different than other schools," Smith said. "BYU is a Mormon school and they just do things differently than everyone else does, so they kind of informed me about that.

"They also talked to me about football and said they were going to take a look at my highlight film. They said once they looked at that, then they would go from there."

Smith is originally from Copperas Cove, Texas, and played his prep ball at Copperas Cove High School.

He's been researching the schools and football programs that have been recruiting him, including BYU.

"I've been checking out some of these colleges and learning more about them. I've been checking out video clips on them this year, trying to find out more about their school and what kind of football they play. I know BYU has one hell of a football program out there. I know they have a lot of tradition and play some big-time football."

So what is it about Ken Smith that would cause BYU to take some interest in him?

"Well, I'm a good person and have always been a good person off the field," Smith said. "I'm a pretty humble person and try to do things the right way."

Smith isn't LDS, but knows of BYU's honor code and the higher standard of living that's expected of students there.

"Well, I believe that if you make a dedication to go to a school like BYU, you should respect and live all the rules that comes with it," Smith said. "I feel if I was given the chance to come to a big-time program like BYU, I would have no problem living the standards that's expected of me.

"I would have no problem making those sacrifices, which really aren't sacrifices, because all those things like partying and all those other things are really just distractions. I feel like BYU would be a place where I could stay focused on school and football. I know about the honor code and know you can't drink, do drugs, have premarital sex, have facial hair, and [you] just live the life your pastor would want you to live. So I know a little about the honor code."

With some of the younger players in BYU's program possibly leaving to serve missions next year, coaches are looking at a defensive tackle to come in and fill those spots for the next two years.

"What was said was they were looking for a defensive tackle and that they were interested in me," Smith said. "Anywhere I go I want to try and start right away. I have two more years to play and as far as the Division I level goes, I feel I can play at that level, and when I transfer to somewhere I want to try and contribute and play right away.

"I have two years to play two and I'm expecting to graduate next month in December, so I'll be able to come into a school next spring camp and play with a team through next spring ball and through the offseason. That way I can be ready to play before the next season starts."

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