Reid to sign as free agent with Jets, not Browns

BYU tight end <b>Gabriel Reid</b> confirmed today he will be signing a free agent contract Thursday with the New York Jets instead of the Cleveland Browns.

He said he was contacted by more than 15 teams during and after the second day of the NFL draft. He said he initially decided he would sign with the Browns, but changed his mind upon further evaluation.

"The Jets have the type of offense that uses as many as three tight ends and I saw a better opportunity for myself with them."

Reid leaves tomorrow night for the Jets mini-camp.

"I'm so glad it's over. It was crazy on Sunday and yesterday with so many coaches calling in on both lines with others on hold. The Jets' General Manager just called and confirmed they really wanted me."

Reid said the Jets told him before the draft they were not drafting a tight end and he was their #1 free agent tight end pick. When he initially announced he was going to sign with the Cleveland Browns, the Jets then signed two other free agents as tight ends, including UNLV quarterback Jason Thomas.

He plans to continue working out with BYU strength and conditioning coach Jay Omer after this mini-camp and before the main summer camp begins for the Jets.

The New York Jets play their first pre-season game in Japan this year against the SuperBowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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