BYU interested in sophomore shooting guard

Coach Rose and his staff are in the process of evaluating a 6-5, shooting guard out of the state of Idaho who resembles a young and up and coming Lee Cummard that played at BYU years ago. He was the youngest player in the state of Idaho to receive two scholarship offers after his freshman year and is looking for more to come.

The Cougar basketball coaches are hot on the recruiting trail and are in the process of evaluating Jared Stuztman, an LDS basketball player out of Bonneville High School, located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He is 6 feet 5 inches and 185 pounds.

"He is a 2014 recruit but may serve a mission first, making him really a 2016 recruit," said Brian Stutzman, Jared's father. "As a freshman last year he started all 22 varsity games, where he was the third-highest scorer and second-highest rebounder for the season."

Jared received some recruiting attention very early on.

"He received some college attention this summer, as he plays on a Utah Pump and Run AAU team," said Brian. "In fact, he became the youngest player in the history of the state of Idaho to receive a D-I offer when the University of Utah offered him a scholarship in July. Weber State followed in September."

Although Utah and Weber State are the only schools to have offered him so far, they aren't the only ones interested in Jared.

"Jared has received some attention from other schools besides BYU and Utah and Weber, which have offered," he said. "Boise State has had us over several times and they seem to be up and coming. Utah State has had us down for several games and Stanford heard about Jared and flew up this fall to watch him and really are interested. Like BYU, they normally offer a little later. Colorado, Washington State, Idaho, and Gonzaga all came and watched him this summer."

Jared began his sophomore season with a very good performance on the court.

"[A few days ago] he played his first season game as a sophomore and did okay," his father said. "He tied our highest scorer at 14 points and had 12 rebounds and six blocks. Probably far from his best game for this year. He had 25 pts against Skyline last year, 21 against Shelley last year as a freshman."

As of now BYU has yet to offer the younger Stutzman, who is wide open when it comes to recruiting. However, the Cougar coaching staff is very interested in the Idaho shooting guard and will meet with him soon.

"The recruiting game has been interesting," Brian wrote to Total Blue Sports. "We have been to BYU camps for years, both individual and team camps, and have been able to visit with the coaches in the past just a little.

"This spring Coach Lacomb called our high school coach Tim Hooten and invited us down for an unofficial visit. Coach Rose, Lacombe, Pope, Hall, and Nashif all met with Jared, my wife and I for an hour and told us about BYU basketball. Frankly it is impressive. We came to team camp this summer and Jared was okay but not super (sophomore slump) and then they came to the AAU things in Vegas and L.A. and saw some good games from Jared and some fair ones (10-20 points is fair for him)."

BYU assistant coach Mark Pope has also seen Jared play in person.

"In the fall Coach Pope came up to one of our open gyms and said he was impressed with Jared's improvement," Brian said. "Jared added a few inches to his vertical in the fall and started to add a little muscle. He has more to add, as he still is a skinny white kid from Idaho."

Brian compared his son's style of play to that of a recent former Cougar.

"Jared plays a lot like Lee Cummard," Brian said. "Same build, same style, same position, same type of game. Lee has been a role model for him – tall, white skinny kid with an inside and outside game.

"Jared is an extremely athletic kid, and as Dave Strobel said last night, he is smooth. He has a basketball IQ that is incredible. He has known since he was little he wanted to both play and coach at the college level. His downside is he is still developing his motor and strength. But it will come. He has received tons of accolades for basketball and national rankings and such."

Although Jared Stutzman has yet to receive a scholarship offer from BYU at this time, he is hoping that Coach Rose will pull the trigger. Until then, he's wide open and focusing on his sophomore year of high school basketball.

"I would say he has a good level of interest in BYU, but the next move is on BYU's part," Brian said. "We know where Utah and Weber State are. You always seem to like those who like you, and it is natural to love those who love you. Right now Utah and Weber love Jared. The jury is sort of out as to where BYU is and where Jared fits into BYU's plans, so right now he is focusing on his sophomore year and accepting offers so to speak."

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