Fanaika addresses Stanford rumor

It was reported by Rivals that Pleasant Grove High School star offensive lineman Brandon Fanaika gave his commitment to Stanford. Total Blue Sports caught up with Utah's top offensive line prospect for clarification on the subject.

It was reported on a Rivals site that Brandon Fanaika finally decided on a college and officially committed to Stanford's football program.

However, that's news to him.

"No, no I haven't committed," Fanaika said with a chuckle in his voice. "I haven't committed to anywhere yet."

Fanaika was on his way to a meeting when Total Blue Sports contacted him, so his time was limited, but a return call has been scheduled in order to further clarify the matter.

In parting, Fanaika made it clear once again that he had not made any official commitment.

"I haven't committed to Stanford but I have an official visit set up there," Fanaika said. "I'll be taking an official visit there on January 13-14, but I haven't made a commitment yet."

Fanaika mentioned he is also taking an official visit to BYU in January.

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