Brady Holt still in the picture

Riverton High School prospect Brady Holt – yes, a cousin of BYU's very own Austin Holt – is still in the Cougar evaluation stage. At 6 feet 6 inches, he was evaluated as a standout tight end prospect during the All-Poly Camp this past summer. However, it appears BYU might have a different idea in mind for him.

Much like they did with 6-foot-7-inch Cougar commit Austin Hoyt, the 67th-rated defensive end in the country, the Cougar coaches might be looking to recruit an athlete that excels at one position in high school but develop him for another at the next level.

"Yeah, they're showing a lot of interest in me and my friend Stratton [Brown]," said Holt. "I was down there for an unofficial visit a while ago before the season ended to watch practice."

Prior to the Hawaii game, Holt made an unofficial visit to talk to the coaches and watch the Cougars practice.

"It was fun to go down and talk to the coaches to keep updated with them and watch some football," Holt said. "It was good to see the team practice and get ready for a game. It's a lot different than in high school."

Holt is receiving some attention from a number of others schools.

"I've gone up to Utah State, Utah, Weber State and BYU," he said. "I've gotten letters from Stanford, UCLA, Nebraska and Oregon State. They want my information and film and stuff like that."

The 6-foot-6-inch, 220-pound Holt played tight end for Riverton his sophomore season, but during his junior season he was switched to left tackle due to attrition.

"I didn't play tight end this past season because a couple of guys got hurt," he said. "I got moved over to left tackle and played that all season for our team. I was starting both ways before we had the injuries, but once that happened our coaches wanted me to just become an offensive specialist."

Interestingly enough, prior to his junior season Holt was moved to tackle by the BYU coaches during the Cougar summer camp. This happens to be the position that coaches at BYU are looking at him to possibly switch to, much like Hoyt.

"When I was down at their summer camp, the last day they pulled me over and wanted to see how I do playing tackle," said Holt. "So, I went over with Coach Weber and played some offensive line for a bit. I got my lunch ate, but I learned a lot and I think they see some potential in me."

During this past recruiting period when coaches could contact prospective recruits, Coach DuPaix paid a visit to Riverton High School.

"Coach Dupaix came in a few weeks ago and told me to keep working hard and to keep my grades up," Holt said. "He told me that if I had any questions to email him and to keep him updated. He also told me to get him my film for this past season so they can further evaluate me."

In fact, Holt said the Cougar staff calls Riverton's head coach to keep tabs on him and his running back teammate Stratton Brown.

"I heard that BYU is pushing really hard for the both of us," Holt said. "They usually call once a week to our head coach to check in on us to see how we're doing. They want to know what we're doing in school, off the field and in the weight room. They always check in to see how we're doing and that's a great thing. I guess time will tell."

Holt also keeps in touch with his Cougar cousin Austin, who injured his knee late in the season.

"Yeah, we talk every once in a while," said the younger Holt. "Actually we were at a dance recital and Austin Holt and his family were there, so we talked about football and recruiting. We also talked about BYU football as well, of course."

Sideline notes

BYU is also looking at recent Nevada linebacker transfer Albert Tai, who is the younger brother of UCLA defensive end Sam Tai. Although Albert is only about 5 feet 11 inches tall, he had a good junior season and was recognized for that.

"He was looking really good this year and made second-team all-state this year as a linebacker," Holt said. "I think he'll be a really good player next season for our team."

"BYU came by and spoke to me for a little bit," said Tai. "I am LDS and BYU would be a great place to play because it would be close to my family now that we've moved up here from Nevada. Right now I'm just keeping my options open to see what happens."

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