Cramer talks about visit to BYU

Argonaut High School athlete and track star Austin Cramer had been hoping for a BYU scholarship. However, when no offer was extended, his dreams of attending BYU weren't over. Track coach Mark Robison saw something in Cramer and expressed his interest in him as a possible Cougar track athlete.

Austin Cramer loves playing sports, and his school of choice is BYU. However, after watching fellow teammate and close friend Austin Hoyt receive a BYU scholarship offer, Cramer had hoped his number would be called next. When that didn't happen but running track as a Cougar did become a possibility, he jumped at the chance to take a deeper look. On August 10, Cramer flew out to Provo, Utah for an official visit to the campus.

"I had a ton of fun on my trip to BYU," Cramer said. "I landed in Salt Lake midday on Thursday, met with Coach Myles-Mills and the other recruits, then went to Legends Grill for lunch. We then went and watched the last part of the indoor meet in the fieldhouse and met a lot of the current track athletes.

"We then went to our hotel and got our rooms and relaxed until a group of track athletes picked us up and we went to Tucanos Brazilian Grill, which happens to be my most favorite restaurant. We ate a ton, and then hung out with the athletes for the rest of the night.

"The next day we had breakfast with Coach Myles-Mills and a couple different athletes, and then went and spoke with compliance and made sure we were all eligible for BYU athletics. Then we each went in and spoke with Coach Robison individually."

Those that decide to run track at BYU are given a partial scholarship, with the amount tuition being based on the times the athlete runs.

"In the meeting [Coach Robison] went over what my costs for BYU would be and gave me recommendations on what I should do to make it as affordable as possible. He then told me what he can offer scholarship-wise based on what times I run this coming year.

"I need to get my 110HH time down to a 14-second area in order for me to get a half-tuition scholarship, and, if I can get lower times, then the more I can get paid for books."

After Cramer's meeting with Coach Robison, he got to see more of the campus.

"After our conversation we went and toured the track facilities, and then went and spoke with Jessica in academics," Cramer said. "She spoke with us about what her job is, and that is to help with our classes and keep us on track with our majors.

"We then went and hung out with the two athletes we met that morning, and then came back to the fieldhouse and watched the second day of the indoor track meet for a while. After our host athletes were done with their events, they took us to lunch/dinner at Cafe Rio.

"After Cafe Rio, we went to their apartment, hung out, and waited for some of their friends to come over before going out for the night. The next morning we left early to airport, and got home just in time to make it to a parade that my football team was participating in – busy day."

Although Cramer doesn't have a football scholarship, he had a ton of fun being courted by the track coaching staff at BYU. He gave up basketball to squarely focus on running track in the hopes that he'll be able to bring his time down to the desired results.

"I had a ton of fun on this trip, and it made me want to come to BYU even more," said Cramer. "I am very excited for the future, as long as everything continues in the right direction. I am staring to train now for my upcoming track season, and am hoping to get in a couple meets before our team's actual season starts. I am looking forward to this coming season."

Sideline notes

Coach Popping, Coach Weber and Coach Cahoon went up to Argonaut High School over this past recruiting period.

"All are interested in him and they want him to walk-on," said Austin's father Jeff. "They explored running track and playing football, but both programs think it would be too much and not a good idea. Coach Poppinga said the track offer is as much as track can offer and said that was an honor in itself to receive.

"We just sent off the video link to several coaches he met over the spring/summer through on-campus visits, All-Poly camp, and BYU camp. Southern Virginia has contacted him several times over the past couple months, but he wants to go into engineering and they do not have an engineering program.

"In the end as it stands now BYU is where his heart is. It is a great academic school and spiritually there isn't any to compare to. Financially it is the most economical option for him, scholarship or not. We were impressed with the student track athletes that hosted him while out there a couple weeks ago and really helped Austin get a very positive look at what college life will be like for him."

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