BYU Cougars offer Hiva Lutui

The Cougar coaching staff has offered Hiva Lutui a full-ride scholarship. A native of Texas, Lutui is rated as one of the top offensive linemen in the country and has scholarship offers from a number of different schools. Recently, the Cougars of BYU threw their hat in the ring.

Last year, Hiva Lutui, who is a strong member of the Methodist faith, wanted to come to BYU simply because of the university's standards.

In fact, Lutui even made an unofficial visit to BYU, but his visit occurred during a time in which the staff was in transition, and so the experience was lost in the shuffle. Still, the Cougar staff evaluated Luti and found that he was not only a great fit in terms of character, but also as a player.

However, no offer was extended. Lutui didn't have the grades required to meet BYU's standards of a scholarship offer. However, Lutui – who has given a soft verbal to UCLA – worked hard to get his grades up to the accepted BYU standard.

When that occurred, the BYU coaching staff extended a full-ride offer.

"Yeah, I was offered," said Lutui. "They gave me a scholarship and I'm pretty happy about that."

With Lutui having offers from UCLA, USC, Utah, Iowa, Michigan, Oregon State, TCU, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Washington, it would seem that BYU really has no chance of ever bringing him in, especially when considering how late the offer was made.

However, Lutui is now on BYU's campus for an official visit this weekend.

"I got here this morning and I'll be here this weekend taking my trip and visiting with the coaches," he said. "So far it's been a lot of fun."

Because Lutui was getting ready to meet with Coach DuPaix when Total Blue Sports contacted him on Friday, the conversation was short. However, once Lutui is done visiting BYU on his official trip, he will give a full report of his experiences.

Lutui wanted to take an official visit to BYU next weekend with his second-cousin Butch Pau'u. However, he couldn't due to a scheduled official visit to UCLA.

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