Cougar basketball recruit sets school record

It's been a season of ups and downs for Cory Calvert. He suffered an injury at the beginning of the season, only to come back and make a big impact on his team. Earlier this week the Chaparral High School shooting guard and future BYU Cougar shot the lights out of the gym to lead his team to an 84-51 victory over George Washington High School.

The beginning of the season may have been going well for the Cougar recruit, but things quickly turned sour for Cory Calvert after the fourth game of the season.

"It's going really well and I was doing really well before I had an accident," said Calvert. "I broke my wrist during the fourth game of the season."

Calvert suffered a hairline fracture in his wrist during the game.

"I went up for a layup and kind of collided with this guy and tried to catch myself from falling," he said. "I ended up landing on it pretty hard and fractured it."

The injury would bench Calvert for a time, but the Chaparral High School shooting guard would return to the floor.

"It was a minor break and so I was able to come back sooner than I thought I was going to. After I broke my wrist, I sat out four or five games and just came back around three games ago, so I've played seven games this year and picked up where I left off. So far after my injury things have gone really well for me."

Last Saturday, Calvert led Chaparral to victory over the number-one rated high school in Colorado.

"I was a little rusty in that game but I did have 13 assists," said Calvert. "We played and beat Denver East, and so we beat them and we're ranked number two in the state right now. There is a team ahead of us that hasn't lost a game yet, and we lost one game in state and one out of state, and so the team that hasn't lost yet is ranked ahead of us. We'll play them the second to the last game of the season, so we'll have our chance."

Chaparral beat Denver East 65-62 in the 5A showdown. Calvert scored 24 points, and hooked up with Wyoming-bound Josh Adams for two late alley-oop dunks to seal the victory.

Calvert – who is Colorado's 5A leading scorer with 27.8 points per game – recently reached another milestone for the Chaparral High School program with a BYU assistant coach watching from the stands.

"Coach LaComb came to my game [Tuesday night]," Calvert said. "We've been keeping in touch pretty much weekly and talking about the program. Everything is going good and it was great to see him in the stands during my game. I had a really good game."

So with the Cougar assistant coach looking on, did Calvert put on a show for him?

"Well, I tried," he said with a laugh in his voice.

No, Calvert didn't try, he did. In fact, Calvert's performance must have left Coach LaComb giddy inside and smiling from the stands.

"I scored 40 points in that game against George Washington and set the school record for the most points scored in a game for my school," Calvert said. "It was a lot of fun being able to have that kind of night with Coach LaComb watching from the stands. It was good to have him there."

While Calvert was lighting up the gym on his way to a record-breaking night, he looked up into the stands at Coach LaComb.

"He was smiling at me but he kept it a little more mellow," Calvert said about LaComb. "It was a lot of fun and at school everyone was congratulating me."

Despite being Colorado's top scorer, Calvert's only real goal this season is to help his team win a state championship.

"I didn't really have any numbers goals as far as stats go this year," Calvert said. "I just had the goal of winning the state championship this year. My goals for this year were more that than any personal goals."

Calvert is excited about the teammates he will have at the next level. Both he and BYU point guard commit Jordan Chatman will serve missions after high school and then join the Cougars in 2014.

"They're recruiting a lot of guys that can do a lot of things on the court. It's going to be good to see all these guards coming in and seeing the chemistry build and play together."

A 6-foot-3-inch, 200-pound versatile player, Calvert could play multiple positions at BYU.

"I talked to the coaches and they think that I could either play at the point or the two," Calvert said. "They feel that I'm really diverse and could possibly play off the ball at either spot. I'm just working on my entire game to be more of that all-around player so I can come in and play wherever I'm needed to help the team and not just at one spot.

"I love to shoot the ball and can shoot the three. I also love to distribute the ball and help create scoring opportunities for my teammates. I feel like I can see the floor well and distribute the ball. Whatever the coaches need, I feel like I can do. I'm excited to see how it all works out when I get up there. I really feel blessed to be able to go to a school like BYU."

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