Big Herring is one to watch

At 6 feet 6 inches tall, lineman Chanden Herring rises above the rest on his team. Given the fact that he's only a sophomore, he could be even bigger by the time he graduates from St. Johns High School. The two-way prospect from Arizona is on the Cougars' radar and is one to keep an eye on in the near future.

Chanden Herring is only a high school sophomore, but his height is more like that of a current college player.

"I'm 6'6", 245 pounds right now and I'm a sophomore," said Herring, who is of no relation to former BYU offensive lineman Eli Herring. "I play left offensive tackle and left defensive tackle and thought I did pretty good this year."

Herring attended BYU's summer camp last year, and was impressed with the campus and his overall experience.

"I met some of the BYU coaches and they're just a bunch of great guys. BYU is a great destination school that I would love to eventually play for one day."

Herring performed rather well at the camp. In fact, he was named the top offensive lineman at the camp and was moved over to play with the upperclassman in attendance.

"The coaches separated all the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors at the camp," said Herring. "Even though I was going into my sophomore year, the coaches put me over on the junior and senior side. I got a chance to work with them and the offensive line coach. It was a great experience for me."

Coach Tidwell spoke to Herring and let him know that they couldn't recruit him until his junior season.

"Coach Tidwell told me that nobody was allowed to contact me on purpose – like call, email or anything like that until my junior year," Herring said. "I went to the UNM camp about a week before I went to the BYU camp. The coaches talked to me when I was there but the coaches at BYU showed the most interest in me when I was at their camp."

Not only is Herring a two-way football player, but he is also a wrestler with a current record of 20-2. He plans on attending BYU's summer camp again this year prior to his junior season.

"My hope is that they're interested in me and that they're going to take a greater look at me," Herring said. "I'm only a sophomore now so I can't be recruited by any colleges right now, but during my junior year I can and I'm going to try and do what I can. I think I'm on my way though."

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