BYU Cougar fans around the world unite!

In what should be a landmark achievement of its early and unprecedented success, <b> (TBS)</b> instead finds itself in a paradox: How to let hundreds of thousands of worldwide passive BYU sports fans know of its limited one-time only offer to receive a FREE copy of TBS' historic first <b>TOTAL BLUE SPORTS</b> magazine issue - without having to spend money it cannot afford to promote the FREE offer.

Permission to extend and promote this exclusive TBS offer to BYU's worldwide Cougar Club membership and alumni associations at all BYU campuses -- as some major colleges do -- has not yet been granted by the BYU school administration.

A BYU university official said they need clearance from their internal compliance office to ensure they are not in violation of any NCAA regulations. Meanwhile, a number of other major colleges participate and support their team-specific independent magazine publishers granting them access to their booster, donor and alumni members and open access to school photo archives. national sports network agreed to underwrite the cost of a professionally-produced color MONTHLY magazine for TBS. Though currently manages more than 150 college, NFL, major league baseball and high school websites within its network, it only publishes 16 monthly magazines, including TOTAL BLUE SPORTS., in less than six months, has emerged from total obscurity to become the world's largest independent subscription-based website covering BYU sports.

In a joint statement, TBS' ownership group issued an appeal to all BYU fans everywhere to help get the word out to everyone they know who may be interested in this unprecedented FREE TOTAL BLUE SPORTS magazine offer.

"It's only one copy per person, but we want as many BYU sports fans the world over to request a copy.

"If we get 60,000 requests for copies or more, has graciously agreed to print, fulfill and mail out -- at their expense -- as many copies as they get requests for anywhere in the world. We hope BYU fans and interested LDS members responds by the tens of thousands."

It's as simple as clicking here. and filling in the blanks.

The first issue of TOTAL BLUE SPORTS magazine will be 48-pages of exclusive stories and in-depth analyses that will NOT be published on's website.

Jim Heckman, President & CEO of network, said "partnering with the dominant BYU presence through TBS is very important to us. Combining their world-class coverage, their loyal community and subscriber base with our print publishing, scouting service and online-network resources will solidify their position as the most complete information provider for BYU fans around the world.

"We also recognize BYU sports is a worldwide symbol of unity to the LDS population and we will make all efforts to ensure the quality and integrity of the product," Heckman added.

TBS will also aggressively seek advertisers for its magazine and new website. If you know anyone who may be interested, please email your inquiries or contact information to An TBS advertising rate card and PowerPoint presentation is available for potential advertisers to review.

As its seeks broad exposure and awareness for its website and new magazine, a survey and analysis of TBS' current subscriber base several weeks ago revealed some interesting facts and figures:

* Its base is truly international with subscribers in China, Japan, Canada and Sweden

* TBS has subscribers in 37 U.S. states

* 48% of its subscribers live in Utah

* California is represented next with almost 12% of its subscribers

* Arizona and Idaho are statistically tied for third

* Nevada, Texas and Oregon follow close behind

* Washington, Colorado, Georgia, Virginia, Illinois and North Carolina cover the next subscriber grouping

TBS is now developing a new website within network of college websites and will switch their domain URL ( when the new site is completed. Meanwhile, TBS will maintain its current website uninterrupted until its new site is fully designed, developed and unveiled.

Notably, Comscore Media Metrix data confirms is, by far, the largest independent college sports network with more than 1.4 million unique users.

"We anticipate that number will climb rapidly and expect the worldwide BYU/TBS community to make a difference in achieving our network goals in the near and distant future," added Heckman.

Currently, syndicates sports stories and content to Yahoo Sports, (Sports Illustrated) and shortly to Their current syndication partnerships reach over 25 million college sports fans (audited by Media Metrix and Nielsen Net Ratings)., without a network affiliation or access to national player databases, has published more than 530 original stories since its inception last November.

TheInsiders Club membership includes:

* Annual subscription to TOTAL BLUE SPORTS magazine

* Annual free subscription to ESPN the Magazine

* Access to member-only articles on ALL 140-plus websites within national network

* FREE copy of's popular annual football recruiting handbook

* It's a total package worth more than $120 and offered by for only $99.95.

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