Official trip full of fun and comedy

One of two wide receivers to take an official trip to BYU this past weekend, Dylan Collie joined the Cougar recruits for the 2012 class for a weekend of fun. Collie gave Total Blue Sports his thoughts on some of the better moments of his official recruiting trip, most of which revolved around the different characters within the group.

"It was a lot of fun," Dylan Collie said about the recruiting weekend at BYU. "We all had a blast out there at BYU doing activities, but what made the weekend really fun wasn't really so much the activities but being around they type of guys that where there."

There were a few activities from the trip that stood out to Collie.

"One of the highlights for me was probably when we were riding the flowrider," said Collie of his indoor surfing experience. "That was a lot of fun, but I would have to say the best experience overall was probably hanging out with all the recruits at Malawi's Pizza.

"We were all there just hanging out and that's kind of when we were all able to really get to know one another. That was a time when we were all able to get really close to one another, you know – not just the recruits but even with some of the current players on the team."

Current players Kyle Van Noy and Riley Nelson spent time with the recruits this past weekend, and apparently turned the gathering at the pizza place into a comedy session.

"I've spoken to Kyle Van Noy and Riley Nelson before, but I've never had the chance to really hang out with them," said Collie. "To hang out with those two guys was a lot of fun. Together, those two guys were absolutely hilarious and a ton of fun. They really made the experience even that much more enjoyable because of how funny they can be."

Eagle High School quarterback recruit Tanner Mangum echoed those sentiments.

"Having Riley there was great," Mangum said. "He really helped to break the ice with everyone. At first it wasn't as personal because not everyone knows everyone, but he really helped everyone to feel welcome and kind of broke the ice. It was a lot of fun and I was happy that he was my host."

That meal at the pizza place was a great precursor to the rest of the trip.

"That time we all had together at Milawi's really set the tone for the rest of the weekend," Collie said. "It really did break the ice a little bit and got everyone talking. All the recruits were there with their hosts along with the coaching staff and some of the administration."

Collie said that the funniest person in attendance was BYU offensive tackle Braden Brown's younger brother. Trevor Brown, a 6-foot-6-inch, 220-pound quarterback, had at one time had committed to USU last year but has accepted a preferred walk-on opportunity at BYU.

"I've known Braden Brown for a long time and he's one of the funniest guys around," said Collie, "but when I saw Trevor and heard him speak for the first time – because I've never met Trevor before – it was just like his older brother.

"He starts talking and he talks and uses the exact same tone as his older brother. I just started dying. I told Trevor, ‘Dude, I would absolutely love to hang out with you and your brother because you guys are absolutely hilarious.'"

Collie also had a good rapport with Valley Christian High School recruit Theodore King, who did not have a BYU offer until the end of the trip.

"Yeah, T.K. is a super nice guy," said Collie. "He just seemed like a super kindhearted guy. I didn't get to spend a whole lot of time with him and hang out with him. He seemed a little quiet but a way cool guy. I really liked him a lot and hopefully he'll come play with us."

During the trip, Collie was hosted by two Cougar wide receivers in Cody Hoffman and recently returned missionary Brett Thompson, who is also Collie's former high school teammate.

"It was great to have Brett be my host," said Collie. "He really became like an older brother to me when I was in my first year of high school because my older brothers Zac and Austin were gone.

"When I didn't have Austin or Zac around I could always look to him, and he really became like an older brother to me and one of my best friends. It was great having him and Cody be my host and it was a lot of fun being around those guys."

The one player Collie really bonded with on the trip was Fontana running back Jamaal Williams, and the two competed in a friendly game of bowling.

"Yeah, he said he had only been bowling twice," Collie said with a laugh. "He was saying things like how he hadn't been bowling since he was five years old, and so he starts putting on a show for everyone with how good he was."

"Yeah, it was me, Dylan, Austin Hoyt, Butch Pau'u and pretty much all of the recruits," Williams said. "It was a big group and I was doing really good too, you know, saying some things here and there joking around with Dylan."

While Williams was faring well, Collie was struggling to match him set for set.

"Jamaal had some spares and a few strikes while I was just stinking it up," said Collie. "I was awful and just playing terrible.

"That's when Jamaal started talking smack. He was talking all this trash and that's when I told myself, 'Okay, I have to stay strong here.'"

The friendly smack talk was all it took to bring out a new level of competitive spirit from Collie.

"Then I just picked it up," Collie said. "I came back and got him good."

"Then he came back and beat me!" Williams said. "I was like, ‘Man!' Then he did really good when we went indoor surfing! I kept falling down and mostly stayed on my knees, but Dylan did really good. He's a natural."

After coming back on the bowling lanes, did Collie return the smack?

"Nope, I just left Jamaal be Jamaal," Collie said with a laugh. "I just let 16-year-old Jamaal be Jamaal. He might be 6'2", 200 pounds and this really good running back, but then I'm reminded that he's only 16 years old. I'm like, 'Yup, that's Jamaal.'"

Collie established a very fond relationship with the 16-year-old youngster.

"Man, I love that kid," said Collie. "We're probably going to live together in the dorms our freshman year, but we're really good friends and whoop it up together once in a while. He's a lot of fun. He's just little Jamaal. I think having all these guys there for the trip is what made it a great trip."

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