Williams gives out nicknames

Although he's only 16 years old, Jamaal Williams was one of the top running backs in California's Inland Empire his senior season. The youngest recruit on the official recruiting trip weekend at BYU, Williams has a reputation of being a funny young man with a fun-loving disposition. It was a side of him that Coach Mendenhall's three sons Cutter, Breaker and Raeder experienced firsthand.

Last Saturday, Coach Mendenhall met with his future players and a few other recruits for a day of fun activities in which the players could mingle and get to know each other better.

One of those future players in attendance was Jamaal Williams.

"I really enjoyed being around the players and the coaches," Williams said. "It was great to see Coach Mendenhall and be around him more and watch him around the guys. I really liked that."

When the recruits all went to the Provo Beach Resort to go indoor surfing, Coach Mendenhall was there.

"I just thought it was pretty cool that Coach Mendenhall hung out with us for some of the activities," said Williams. "He even brought his kids to be a part of what we were doing and I really liked that. At first Raeder was afraid [of the indoor surfing] but he then got in and tried it with Coach Mendenhall. As for me, I honestly couldn't do it. I just rode it like a bodyboard."

Williams, who grew up in Fontana, California, took some time to get to know Coach Mendenhall's three boys while they were involved with some of the bowling and surfing activities.

"Coach Mendenhall has three really cool little boys," said Williams. "They're all really good boys too. When I met his three sons, I gave them all nicknames."

According to future teammate and good friend Dylan Collie, Williams has a playful heart and a funny sense of humor about him, and that showed in the nicknames he gave Mendenhall's boys.

"Okay, well, I was just kind of talking to Coach Mendenhall's sons, and for Cutter I called him ‘Little Swag-daddy,'" said Williams with a laugh. "That was just the first thing that came to my mind. When I saw him I thought, 'That's Little Swag-daddy right there.'

"Then for Breaker, who is the second oldest son, I called him 'B-Money.' The ‘B' was short for Breaker. Then for his youngest son Raeder, I named him ‘Dyno.' I don't know why the name Dyno, but I just thought it fit him after talking to him. It's kind of funny too."

"That's just how Jamaal is," said Collie. "He's one of those kind of kids that's always fun to be around. Once you get to know him he really opens up and you have to just let Jamaal be Jamaal. He's a lot of fun."

The three Mendenhall boys were apparently excited for their nicknames.

"Then after I gave them their new nicknames, they all ran off and told their dad!" Williams said with a laugh. "They went and told Coach Mendenhall that I gave them new nicknames. The boys got a kick out of it and thought it was pretty cool, I guess."

Coach Mendenhall to get a kick out of it Williams' nicknames.

"He just smiled and started laughing at the funny names I gave them," said Williams about Mendenhall. "It was just one of those cool moments where we were kind of goofing around. So, when I see the boys, I now have nicknames for them. It was kind of funny."

After this summer, Williams is looking forward to going back up to Provo and seeing everyone again.

"Yeah, I really got had a lot of fun being around Coach Mendenhall and his boys," Williams said. "I had a lot of fun being around all the guys that were there. I'm really looking forward to being back up there with all of them again soon."

When Williams gets back up to Provo as BYU's newest Cougar running back, it's certain that Little Swag-daddy, B-Money and Dyno will be there to cheer him on.

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