BYU coaches visiting King

There are three uncommitted prospects that Cougar coaches, along with others, are trying to persuade to sign on February 1. Valley Christian High School lineman Theodore King is one that was recently visited by a BYU coach in an effort to build a relationship, clarify any misconceptions, and keep BYU on his mind.

Last Friday, BYU assistant coach Nick Howell was in California. While making the rounds, he stopped by and visited Theodore King in the San Jose area.

"Coach Howell came by last Friday, and Coach Kaufusi will come by sometime later," King said. "It was good to see Coach Howell and we sat down to eat some food. He got to come down and eat some Jamaican food and enjoy some Jamaican cooking.

"We got to talk with one another more on a more personal level. It was more like among friends rather than like a recruiting prospect to a coach. We got to ask him questions and me and my mom got some questions answered."

Some of the questions revolved around the redshirting process.

"They were football questions that my mom wanted some clarification on, just some things about redshirting and filling in some of the blanks. He was explaining to her what things were and that if I needed some more time to develop at the college level, how it's always good to do that. Most freshman players redshirt anyways. You're playing with grown men out there."

"[Howell] really didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. The visit was good because it was mostly for my mom. He was in the area so he said he would come over. It was more just hanging out time rather than just talking about football. Most of it was just talking about stories, having fun eating some food and just being social. It was good times."

King had nothing but glowing remarks about the Cougar assistant coach.

"Coach Howell is a straight-up guy," he said. "One thing that I really like about him, like before I even went down there and all that when we were just in contact, I remember I asked him before about BYU. He said that they were looking at me and a J.C. guy at that time when they were evaluating.

"It made me work a little harder to gain that interest from them. So, instead of them just saying, ‘Oh yeah, you're doing okay and we're still thinking of offering you,' they told me the truth about the situation."

King didn't commit to Coach Howell while he visited. Meanwhile, King said that a few smaller schools have come calling, but not really any bigger schools.

"I'm pretty much set on BYU, so unless a bigger school comes along, it's not going to really catch my interest. BYU is a big-time program, so unless another big-time school comes along, I'm not really interested.

"Coach Howell asked me what schools have come along since the offer. I just told him that there were some smaller schools but nothing to really rock the boat from BYU. I'm still on track with BYU, and right now they're still number one."

Two colleges that King would also deem "big time" are Oregon State and Oregon.

"Before I was always interested in Oregon State," King said. "I'm not much of a fan but I like both Oregon campuses. They're very beautiful and I like the communities around there. I told Coach Howell about that and he said that Coach Mendenhall used to play for them."

Oregon State showed some interest in King.

"I was in contact with them before too, and they evaluated me as a player," King said. "I spoke to them after I was offered by BYU, and they told me that I could come out there and walk-on because they had just ran out of scholarships."

With a BYU scholarship in hand, King isn't interested in taking that route.

"Yeah, I‘m not interested in walking-on anywhere," King said. "That's something I'm not going to do."

Although King plays on the offensive line for Valley Christian, he'll be switched over on the defensive line should he commit to BYU.

"Coach Kaufusi is supposed to come see me as well," said King. "I'm not sure when, but he's supposed to come by next week. He's a cool guy and he's got a huge family. I know he's got some boys that will be playing at BYU."

King still plans on making his commitment on signing day.

"Yeah, I told myself that is what I wanted to do even before BYU offered me," King said. "There's a little time left but not much before that day comes. I think it will be a good experience for me."

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