King excited to be a BYU Cougar

Valley Christian High School defensive lineman Theodore King planned on waiting until the last minute to make his intentions known regarding which school he would sign with. He decided not to wait and instead pulled the trigger a little early by calling Coach Mendenhall on Monday to inform BYU's head coach he would become a Cougar.

As the recruiting process wound down, Theodore King was thinking there might still be a chance for more scholarship offers to come his way. Oregon State, a team he grew up following, had expressed interest in him at one time, so even though he had an offer from BYU, he wanted to wait to see if the Beavers might indeed pull the trigger.

"One day during the summer I went to a camp and hung out with the [Oregon State] coaches and they were still evaluating me," King said. "They never came around to finally offering me an official visit or finalizing anything with me. I could see that it just wasn't going to happen to have more options to evaluate. I realized that if they wanted me as bad, they would have been doing the same things that BYU was doing."

With just a few days left until signing day, and with no new colleges extending offers, King decided to officially commit to BYU.

"Yeah, I decided to do it a little early rather than wait ‘til singing day," King said. "I was going to see if any other schools of the caliber of a BYU were going to offer, like an Oregon State. They were the only one of that caliber but didn't offer, so I thought I would just stick with BYU."

His thoughts reflected back to when he and Coach Mendenhall sat together over dinner at Ruby River during the recent official recruit weekend. King knew it was time to give BYU's head coach a call to let him know that he was going to become a BYU Cougar.

"I called up Coach Mendenhall and wanted to tell him personally that I wanted to make the decision to go there," said King. "He even told me from afar when he first offered me to think about and make sure that I wanted to go to BYU. When I called him to let him know that I was committing to him, he got excited.

"When Coach Mendenhall got excited, I got excited too. It's going to be strange being a Cougar and that's something that I'm going to have to get used to. I've been a Warrior for the past four years, so it's going to be different now that I'm a Cougar, but I'm excited to be a Cougar and happy to change it up and have the chance to play D-I football. I'm excited that I have the chance to play at a college like BYU where the legacy is so great."

After talking on the phone to Coach Mendenhall, King called up a few of the guys he was on the big recruiting trip with to let them know he committed to BYU.

"I called up Phillip Amone, who is a part of my recruiting class. I think he's going on a mission first though, but we all get along really well and have stayed sort of connected. I told him that I was coming and he was happy about that."

Instead of registering just prior to fall camp, King will come up to Provo, Utah a little early to get a head start on the college-life experience.

"I'm pumped up about moving to Utah," King said. "I'll be leaving the family and becoming a little more independent, so I'm excited to head down there and have a new experience. I'll come up there a little bit earlier than fall camp to get used to the college lifestyle, expectations and school work. I'll be up there around June 20th, is when I have to report down there. It's like summer school and I think it's called summer bridge. They have a few easy classes that you take to get you used to the college work and what's expected. It's to help you ease your way into college, so that's why I'm heading down there a little early."

With the thoughts of becoming a BYU Cougar firmly planted within his heart, King wanted to let BYU fans all across the country know to get ready for their new defensive end.

"Tell them to get ready for the next four or five years, or however long I'm going to be there, because I'm going to give it my all," King said with a laugh. "I'm excited to be heading up there and to be a part of that rich program. It's going to be a challenge and new experience for me, but I'm excited for the opportunity to play D-I football and grow at the college level."

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