Bingham's Hicks turns blue

One recruit at BYU's recent Junior Day was 6-foot-3-inch, 290-pound Bingham High School offensive lineman Keegan Hicks, whom BYU had been looking at and evaluating for some time. Although a Utah fan, Hicks found himself changing allegiances and decided to attend BYU.

Growing up, Keegan Hicks followed the Utah football program.

"A big part of it for me was I lived in Holladay, so I was a lot closer to Utah," Hicks said. "Also, a lot of my friends were Utah fans, so that's just kind of how it was I guess."

Then recently, Hicks attended BYU's Junior Day. It was on that day that Hicks decided that BYU was the right place for him. After receiving an offer, he committed to be a Cougar.

"I'm super excited about it and I'm definitely committed to BYU," Hicks said. "I can't wait to get there. Last year my coach, Coach Peck, told me that I was a BYU/Utah early offer type guy, and so even though I was a Utah fan he told me that I needed to go to BYU's Junior Day. So I went.

"I got there in the morning and Coach Doman told me to make sure that I got some one-on-one time with Coach Weber, and we did and had a position meeting with the o-linemen and Coach Weber. Afterwards he told me to stay behind and we talked for 20 minutes. He asked how I was with workouts and so forth.

"He just told me that he was really serious and that he needed to talk to Coach Mendenhall before he could make an offer. I thought, 'Okay, we're getting a little close, but we're not quite there yet.' We went to lunch, which they serve there, and about 10-15 minutes later Coach Weber came up to me and said, 'Hey, you need to go talk to Coach Mendenhall after lunch.'"

After Coach Weber told him to go meet with Coach Mendenhall after lunch, Hicks hardly ate a thing, as he was contemplating what might be in store for him soon.

"When it was our turn to go in there, Coach Mendenhall went over all the criteria that they recruit by, which is more than just being a good football player," said Hicks. "He then handed me a piece of paper and said, 'I think you fit that criteria.'

"I was kind of in disbelief, to be honest with you. I mean, I've always been told that I would be a college football player. My uncle played for the University of Colorado, my dad was a D-I guy before he blew out his knee, and I have another uncle that played for Regis College. I've just kind of grown up thinking that I might play college football one day, and to finally know that I was there was a great experience."

Coach Mendenhall then gave Hicks some instruction.

"He told me that I should probably think and pray about it," Hicks said. "He told me that when he grew up that your word is your honor and that your word was everything. I told coach, ‘I've already thought about this and I want to be a BYU football player.' When he offered me, I committed to him right on the spot."

And how do his parent feel about his quick commitment to Coach Mendenhall?

"Well, as a parent they can't think of a better place to send their kid than BYU, and that's how they feel," Hicks said. "They're happy that I made that decision for myself."

His quick decision was an easy one.

"I had an overwhelming feeling that's where I needed to be," Hicks said. "When they offered me it was kind of an easy choice, actually. I thought about it and felt there was no reason to wait. I can't wait to play there because it's more than just a choice of where to play football for me. It's a lifestyle and where I want to lead my life."

Hicks is LDS, which is one of numerous reasons why he chose BYU.

"The church aspect is definitely a big part of it," said Hicks. "It's also close to home, I like the program and I love Coach Weber. He's awesome, a great guy and a great coach.

"Then of course all my friends that are up there now like Baker [Pritchard], Iona [Pritchard], Moses [Kaumatule], Manoa [Pikula] and Tuni [Kanuch]. All those guys are all up there, so that's a rather nice situation as well."

Hicks believes he can bring a number of qualities to the football field.

"I like to think I can out-think defensive lineman," Hicks said. "There are always moves that we use against each other and I like to think that I can out-think my opponents. Coach Weber said one of the things that he likes about me is that I'm a technician. I've been working on my technique since the eighth grade and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. At the high school level, I'm probably one of the strongest kids out on the field. I squat around 460 pounds right now. I benched around 335 about a month ago."

Hicks will be a senior this upcoming year and is looking forward to his final season at Bingham High School. He's a solid Cougar commit and is looking forward to one day suiting up in BYU blue.

"I plan on being a BYU football player and look forward to one day being a Cougar," Hicks said. "I'm just happy to be a part of the Cougar family."

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