Amone talks about signing day experience

He was named a third-team all-state linebacker in the state of Florida, and some 30 schools pulled his transcripts during the recruiting process. On Wednesday, Phillip Amone signed his letter of intent to be a Cougar at BYU in front of his family, school faculty and virtually the entire student body of Dr. Phillips High School.

Signing day for student athletes in Central Florida is a big deal, and that isn't more evident than at Dr. Phillips High School.

"We make it a pretty big deal at our school," Amone said. "We do a big thing in front of the media center, and the whole school comes out and watches it. All my family came and it was a great feeling. We had a good Tongan showing out there.

"They do it during lunch time so mostly the student body comes out to see it. It's a lot of fun and a pretty big deal. Most of the school comes out and watches the event."

Each of the players signing with a college got honored individually.

"Our head coach came up and talked about the individual players and our career stats and our accolades and different things of that nature," Amone said. "After that he announces your name and you put on your hat of the school that you're going to and then you go up and sign your LOI in front of everyone there."

While sitting at the table, Amone's thoughts turned to what it took to get to that point.

"I was kind of anxious and it was a time of reflection for me," he said. "I just kind reflected back to all the hard work and effort I made to finally get here. It was just a great feeling of accomplishment, you know?

"I was looking out over the crowd and seeing all my little cousins and all standing there looking back at me. You go up there and it was just a great feeling of accomplishment knowing that's what you've worked for all these years."

Along with Amone, two other members of the Dr. Phillips High School football team signed a letter of intent.

"It was me and our receiver Trent Murphy, who signed with Arizona," said Amone. "We had our center sign with Holy Cross."

So how does Amone feel about finally being a BYU Cougar?

"It's kind of weird and then it's exciting, you know?" Amone said. "It's kind of funny the way things happen and how things play out in such a way that you know it was meant to be. I couldn't be more firm about my decision and the way things turned out for me. I'm really excited to be a Cougar."

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