Weeks celebrates with Phoenix style

For receiver Josh Weeks, the signing of his letter of intent on Wednesday resulted in a long day of celebration and fun activities. After signing his LOI early in the morning, the native of Show Low, Arizona spent almost the entire day down in the valley in Phoenix and up in the mountains with the local Show Low community.

The day started out early for Josh Weeks.

"Yeah, you know it was a very exciting day and a long one as well," Weeks said. "I woke up at 5:30 that morning and put my shirt and tie on with my BYU Cougar snapback and got all dressed up for the occasion. I signed it and then faxed it up. We didn't make a big deal out of the official one, and then we went down to the valley."

Weeks then received a phone call from many within the BYU coaching staff congratulating him.

"After I sent it in I was able to talk to Coach Tidwell, Coach Cahoon and Coach Mendenhall," Weeks said. "All three of them called me up and said they received my fax and welcomed me into being a BYU Cougar. Coach Tidwell told me, 'You are now officially a BYU Cougar,' and, you know, that was kind of sweet.

"I mean, it hadn't really sunk in. I just signed my letter of intent and sent it in, but after he said that it kind of hit me and sunk in that I'm part of something special now. I then spoke to Coach Cahoon and then Coach Mendenhall a little bit. They both welcomed me in and it was great."

After Weeks signed the official LOI, he headed out for the day.

"We headed down to Phoenix where they brought in all the guys that were signing," Weeks said. "They had a signing day spectacular for all the guys signing this year. There were about 40 guys down there from Arizona. They had the event at a hotel down in Phoenix, so I went down there with my brother and my coach.

"They had us come up to the podium and announce our name, school and position and where we were committed to and signing to. So, I did that and that was a lot of fun."

A local radio show covered the signing day event.

"Then AM 1060 Radio from Phoenix talked with me for some time," Weeks said. "I did a radio interview with them for some time and that was a lot of fun. I got watch some of the recruits declare on the spot and pick a hat to where they were going."

Following the radio interview, Weeks and company headed home.

"After that we came back up to Show Low after that and were able to meet together with family, friends, teachers and coaches down here," said Weeks. "A lot of people from the community came out too, and we met at this restaurant called The New Yorker here in the heart of Show Low. A lot of people came out and supported me."

As it turned out, Weeks hadn't done his last radio interview of the day.

"Even the local radio show of Show Low came out," Weeks said. "They came by and did a whole broadcast on a show. They invited me, my brothers and my dad and some of my coaches and interviewed everyone on the radio. It was a great day and I used that opportunity and did all that I could to get them on the map more than they already are."

Among his family, friends and those closest to him, Weeks then signed the unofficial copy of his LOI.

"Yeah, we didn't make a big deal out of the official one because we had to sign that one and get it up there," Weeks said. "Here at the restaurant, you know, I had all my people here all around me with the duplicate one. With everyone around me I signed that one and we made more of a big deal about it. We had a party here with the community. It's been a long day but it was a great day. It's day that I'll never forget."

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