Sawyer Powell enjoying BYU

BYU just signed its 2012 recruiting class, but there was one rather very good player within the class that didn't get too much attention during the signing day press conference due to a few reasons. The 6-foot-2-inch, 205-pound Sawyer Powell, who was rated as the number one SPARQ linebacker in the country and a top 100 linebacker prospect, is not on scholarship and will greyshirt his first year.

Sawyer Powell graduated early and has been enrolled at BYU since January.

"The semester here ended January 20th, and his teachers all gave him his final a couple of weeks early, so they graduated him a couple of weeks early, " said his father Erik Powell. "He enrolled early but missed a couple of weeks down there at BYU."

Sawyer now lives in the dorms on campus with two roommates.

"He's in the dorms right now and he's rooming with Colby [Jorgensen], but Colby goes home a lot right there in town, so he doesn't see much of Colby. He's roommates with Colby and Austin Heder."

So far, Sawyer is reportedly having a good college experience, and has even gone on a couple of dates.

"Yeah, I think he's have a good time down there," said Erik with a laugh. "Going into this semester everyone has kind of already made their friends and stuff like that. He's a little bit of a quiet boy, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's been kind of getting out of himself a little to make friends.

"Here in the Tri-Cities area, the population of LDS is okay, but obviously there are a lot more opportunities down at the Y. I think he's having a really good time. I don't worry about him down there at all, and he says he's having a lot of fun."

In fact, when Sawyer got on campus, a lot of the players on the team took him in as one of their own right away.

"Sawyer told me that the guy on the team are really cool," said his happy father. "They've all basically tried to make him feel comfortable and have been checking in on him asking him how he's doing. They've been asking him about him to make sure he's doing well and taken care off. He just said how cool that was."

In this day and age, where freshmen aren't treated with the same kind of respect and acceptance as others, and more like an outsider than part of a college program, Erik is happy and comforted by the fact that his son is being taken care of by the members of the team.

"Yeah, it's really cool actually," said Erik. "That's one of my biggest fears. You know, football players are tough guys and sometimes they can have attitudes. He's had nothing but great things to say. It's put my mind at ease about that stuff, knowing those on the team are looking out after him."

Early enrollment now means Sawyer can work out with the underclassman players in the program.

"He's has 12 and a half credits of school right now," Erik said. "He's been working out in the morning with the underclassmen Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, he does sprint-type workouts with the team, and so he's been doing that."

As one who is accustomed to working out, Sawyer met with and spoke to some of the gym rats at BYU.

"He's even talked to some of the older guys on the team like Kyle Van Noy, Spencer Hadley and Brandon Ogletree," Erik said. "He's talked with all those guys and they've been really cool to him."

More than likely a future linebacker, Sawyer has been working to put more weight on his 205-pound frame.

"Yeah, Kyle Van Noy even asked him how much he weighed, and getting bigger is something that Sawyer is working on. But after Sawyer told him how much he weighed, Kyle sort of laughed and said, 'You've got some work cut out for you.'"

Sawyer will eventually leave to serve a mission.

"The plan is to be there for spring football and for him to stay up there before he serves his mission," said Erik. "I think he'll be there for spring and we're going to do what we can to keep him up there all summer long, then in the fall … he'll be leaving."

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