Longshore plays waiting game as offers come in

The football scholarship offers are already coming in from major colleges for <b>Nate Longshore</b>, an LDS quarterback from Southern California, who is in no hurry to decide

"I've received scholarship offers from Arizona, Washington State, Oregon State, UNLV, San Diego State, Utah, Colorado and Nevada-Reno thus far. It's really early still and I'm not close to making a decision," Longshore said.

Longshore, a 6' 4", 225-pound quarterback prospect from Canyon high school, was named first team All-League as a junior in a highly competitive California conference.

Having grown up in Southern California, Longshore mentioned that USC and UCLA are schools he'll take a close look at. "Both schools are recruiting me pretty hard. I like USC and being able to stay close to home while playing for a big time school is an option. I like USC."

BYU coaches have also been recruiting him aggressively.

"Coach Lamb came out and saw me play last year. He's a good guy", Longshore said.

The Longshore family made an unofficial visit to BYU this past April and visited all the facilities. While there, Longshore had an opportunity to speak BYU head coach Gary Crowton.

"He's a very impressive guy -- not like the other college coaches I've met. He's more down to earth and easier to talk with. I don't know how to describe it, he's just different in a good sort of way."

Longshore said he was also very impressed with BYU's campus and facilities. "I liked the feel of the place. It had a great atmosphere and would definitely be a place I'd consider in choosing where to sign."

Though he has not yet received a scholarship offer from BYU, he said they have been recruiting him as hard as anyone. "They just keep on telling me to be patient and not to forget about them."

He confirmed what he is looking for is a college with a great tradition, good coaches and a good business school.

"I plan on majoring in business, so attending a school with a good business program is very important to me."

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Longshore does not plan on attending any college football camps this summer. He said his high school coach feels his players are better off served staying close to home and concentrating on their upcoming fall season.

Luckily, Longshore does not need the exposure -- if the existing offers are any indication.

Longshore is LDS and has definite mission plans. "I turn 19 two years after I graduate (high school), so I plan on playing or redshirting for a year and then leaving. I definitely intend on serving a mission."

He noted he does not see the LDS atmosphere at BYU as that big of a factor in his decision.

"The institute programs in the schools I'm considering all are pretty big. There's a good LDS presence on each campus, so I don't think BYU being an LDS school will play that big of a factor in my decision. I'll remain a faithful LDS member no matter which school I attend."

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